Below: a two-volume publication with CD-ROM of text and photos ©2001, ISBN 0-9689858-0-7 available spiral bound (xxxviii, 1067 pages) and ISBN 0-9689858-2-3 on CD-ROM, retailed @ $99 + s/h where applicable—paper copies now out of print!

  • Hundreds of pages of verbatim transcriptions of the Cree interviews, with English translations, provide a wealth of authentic Rock Cree material.
  • A researched and referenced preface and introduction outline the purpose of the anthology and sketch the key grammatical elements of the dialect.
  • The appendices include quick reference tables and special reference sections that show the main grammatical patterns.
  • A comprehensive, annotated glossary of Cree words and an English-Cree index complete the collection.
  • The texts are enhanced by many photographs from Pukatawagan, Lynn Lake and Granville Lake.

Fifteen audio CDs of the recorded interviews and the English-Cree Dictionary are available at cost and by request. They may be copied for educational, nonprofit purposes only, and for personal use. A set of the 15 audio CDs is available for $25 (far less than the actual cost of production)* The interviews may also be reproduced on request as DVD slideshows with historical and contemporary pictures from the editor’s Pukatawagan files.

*For information concerning availability of the 15 audio CDs, send an e-mail request to or . Copies of individual titles of the audio CDs are also produced on request for the reimbursement cost of postage and production materials (blank CDs and ink) @5.00 CDN. Contact the editor by e-mail if you are interested in particular disks that are listed and described in the introductory, roman-numeral pages of the book (Intro below).

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The CD-ROM contains the entire text of the book as well as many supplementary files, including all the original photograph files used in the book. Click Read Me to open the pdf file of computer requirements to use the CD-ROM, also available separately for $5, to cover cost of postage and production materials.

Click left button to download a zip file of pages 1-342 from the Memoirs of the Elders. Although not costly, WinZip is not a free application. An evaluation version of WinZip is available from . (Winzip may be needed to open a downloaded zip file.) In addition, a self-extracting file of pages 343-600 may be downloaded here. The Glossary  may be downloaded here, too—high speed Internet connection recommended. Click  Index to download a copy of the English-Cree  index and examples of Woods Cree grammatical patterns. (You may have to adjust the security settings in Internet Options and in your Firewall Privacy options to permit the opening of these three self-extracting files.)

For news related to the Memoirs project, click right to open the pdf file CECD notes (Addenda) .

Note the folder where your extracted files are placed so that you can open them later, or copy them to removable disks.

See the addenda file for news on continuing Cree language documentation, recording and adaptation for teaching purposes. Other bilingual  materials are in preparation.

The text of the illustrated bilingual reader Defeating the Wihtiko is an extract from Castel's English-Cree Dictionary and Memoirs of the Elders. A short biography of the late Sidney Castel is available (click  on “biography”). You may listen to the audio recording here; it is a Zip file.

                The supplemental volume Speaking to the Future: Additional Memoirs of the Elders of Pukatawagan is near completion. It is anticipated that stories and recorded commentaries by the following contributors will be included: Gabriel Bighetty (1930-2002), Peter Castel (1934-2004), Hyacinth Colomb (from a 1991 video), and Jerome Colomb.  A complete glossary will be included, following the format of the 2001 publication. The transcript, glossary and index for Gabriel Bighetty’s interview are ready, except for final proofreading. It is to be available in mp3 computer video format, or on DVD or VHS by special request for educational purposes. The Cree transcripts have been completed for all four contributors.

                Papers presented by the editor at various annual sessions of the Comparative and International Education Society of Canada (CIESC) are available free by e-mail request from . The two most recent papers concern Woods Cree cultural elements embedded in the language. The commentaries are based closely on the Cree transcripts in the Memoirs of the Elders. Click Halifax 2003 to open the pdf file for that year’s presentation, Winnipeg 2004 for a presentation paper that discusses the importance of a Cree language-based approach to traditional cultural content.


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