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A nickname given to me by my brothers. When I was five, my mother used to make Chinese food and serve it with Green Tea. I loved the tea so much that my stupid brothers started calling me a "tea granny." My Grandma's name was Emma, which they began to call me. My real name is Harold, so they began to put the first letter of my name onto Emma. Thus I became a Hema. One of best friends, Bill Geck, heard the name used so much at my house that he took it to school. My yearbook says Hema, my awards say Hema, my teachers called me Hema and now it's to the point where if anyone calls me Harold - I have to do a double take!

The Happy House of Hema
My first apartment used to be the gathering place for all my friends. It became popular because I was a fine host. There was always at least 10 different choices of beverage (mostly non-alcaholic) and 10 choices of snack. The highlight was the Sunday morning ritual that became "Coffee Talk with Rod & Hema." This was a time where anywhere from 2 to 10 of us would lounge around for hours waxing philosophical. Good times were always had at my place and it was eventually christened THE HAPPY HOUSE OF HEMA.

Stagnating and working for an evil boss in Regina, I decided to begin university. I was looking to go to school in the Maritimes when I met a girl from Brandon. She told me Brandon had a university and I followed her home. Things didn't work out with us but I'm only a year away from completing my education degree. When I'm finished here I hope to find a job in Saskatchewan. This son has been away too long.


I am excited to finally become a teacher because I love working with children.
There's much work involved but it's well worth it!

Lesson Plans
I've found that by searching Google you can find many different lesson plans. Just type in "lesson plans" and "(subject/topic)" and something interesting will show up. But if you're not interested in searching through many different sites, I would suggest you look for lessons at either EDUCATION WORLD or THE LESSON PLANS PAGE.
Manitoba Education and Training hs created an excellent resource for educators. The CURRICULUM NAVIGATOR allows teachers, parents and students access to activities and strategies that enhance the education process through connections with the Manitoba Curriculum.
My Work
Here is an Oceans unit created by myself and three of my classmates.

Hema Links

Movies - For researching movies, AMG is the place to be.

Games - Shouldn't you be doing some work? FilmWise Invisibles is a great way to kill some time.

Comedy - You wouldn't think that watching someone check their Email would be funny, but it is. If you're like me and enjoy warped humour, you may enjoy these comic strips.


Music is an important part of my life. My father George played guitar and sang songs for us (my 2 brothers and sister) all through our childhood. My brothers perform together in a R&B group named Charming Snakes. In high school I sang in choir and vocal jazz ensembles in addition to performing in musicals. I was awarded Best Actor in a Musical, Most Promising Male Vocalist (2) and the Award of Distinction in Music in my graduating year. I also sang in two bands: BMF and The Donuts.

When I'm not working at Superstore or on homework, I'm usually listening to music or researching/looking for new music. Here are some music links I use frequently:

All Music Guide - Searchable database of music with reviews, biographies and discographies
Radio Paradise - eclectic radio for the 21st Century
Pitchfork - Recommendations and reviews of the best new music
Comfort Stand - Free downloads of music "you ain't none hurd befor'"

I have a library of music with over 2,000 titles on CD, cassette, vinyl, and VHS.

With that much music to listen to, it's hard to pick favourites but here's what I've come up with:

My 20 Favourite Albums   What's On Now

My buddy, Gil Beck, thought it would be fun if posted what my friends were listening to and their favourite albums along side mine - a kind of compare and contrast thing.

So here's what they've come up with:

Gil's 20 Favourite Albums What Gil Has On Now
Lincoln's 20 Favourite Albums What Lincoln Has On Now
Scott's 20 Favourite Albums What Scott Has On Now
Scotty's 20 Favourite Albums What Scotty Has On Now
Tony's 20 Favourite Albums What Tony Has On Now
Col's 20 Favourite Albums What Col Has On Now

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