The Fairlane Chronicles!

Once the car bug bit me I got started workign on the suspsension of the car... mostly from front but I also worked on the drive line including shocks and driveshaft. You might think it looks pretty dark under the car.......that is due to the undercoating and detailing that I did over time. I wanted to be sure that the front suspension on the car was tight and started to take apart a lot of pieces, cleaning and painting parts.. new bushings have resulted in a *better* than new front suspension...AND... I believe the car rides a to the amount of stuff I took out from joints and other areas. I have yet to get some good photos of this area as the car has only been up on the jacks about a foot and doesnt give a lot of perspective to work from. In a week or so I will be taking her to work and doing an alignment up on the rack and will be able to take some better photos.

How does the Fairlane ride!!

Under the Hood!
  • This image was taken just after I had the exhaust system redone at Minute Muffler. A fellow that leads a double life as a street rodder worked on the car for two days perfecting not only the straight lines but sweet tone.....
  • At this point in the redo, I had only undercoated and you can see how dull and unexciting most of the suspension looks like...
Under the Hood!
  • I removed the transmission cross member and bead blasted and painted it all up
  • After draining the tranny pan to fix the gasket for leaks I believe the colour really works for this area!!
Under the Hood!
  • I decided I didnt like the look of the oil pan so I gave it a shot of ford engine blue
  • You can see the various points of the front suspsension, center link, etc. that are still in black.. old rubbers and bushings......JUST WAIT!!
Under the Hood!
  • I worked a little magic under the rear of the car. I had dropped the gas tank to fix the filler tube joiner that had rotted out. At the same time I cleaned and painted the tank strapes...I pulled the tank sending unit to ensure this would work for an extended period and resealed the tank.
  • I bet you think I like the contrast of red eh....?
Under the Hood!
  • Ahh... here you can see a closeup of the rear suspension and rearend. A shot of the new rear shocks with coil over add-ons that I had cleaned up. These were on the car, as I assume that at sometime someone thought the car road a litte low during those times when the car had some weight in the trunk.....either that or they were from the era where the car had to ride a little higher in the back..
  • Right now the car sits all over aproximately 1.2" above factor ride height as stated in the manual.
Under the Hood!
  • Ahh well now you get to see what I have really been up to under the front end... this and next photo depict the various parts that were inspired by a MOOG poster I saw in a shop providing different colours for each component. You can see I have included new bushings rubbers and went as far as changing out the inner, outer tierods and sleeves!!
Under the Hood!
  • Here is another photo from a different perspective. I hope to get some better images in the near any questions as to what the parts are.... just call........grins!!
Under the Hood!
  • Anyone need another set of tie rods complete ...inner, outer tie rods and sleeves...only slightly used on sundays on the way to the show and shine....ya right. Seriously I do have these for sale if you do need a set.
    Sorry these ARE SOLD NOW!!
Working the ReaR!
  • I started to work on the rear end and here are the results. I decided with an executive decision not to change out the rubber bushing for they are only slightly checked and not in anyway near need replacing. Shackle bolts and front hanger bolts were in pristine condition..mostly needed bead blasting and repainting..