The Fairlane Chronicles!

I finally got the Fairlane home on that eventfull Saturday in September and proceeded to start working on the car. Now looking back over the past months I find it difficult to remember where it all started to see a detailed listing of each item that was changed out over time check out the Chronicle . One of the first items of business was to start updating things....wires, hoses, Here is found a collection of images of the motor at different stages of change. Check back to see when I add more....thanks.

The Work BEGINS!!!

Under the Hood!
  • Just so you can see where I started I thought it would be worthwhile repeating this image and then work on the parts.
  • I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.... then started to paint.. Man this is FUN!!
Under the Hood!
  • I did get started in earnest. First thing was the starter..then the altenator
  • Here you see a photo of the engine in progress, I think I currently have the carb out for a rebuilt as float and gaskets were all worn out.
Under the Hood!
  • You may notice some suttle changes in the appearance with the addition of items such as brake cables, rad hoses, paint etc...
  • I pulled the car out in the sun so that you could see some of the colours of the plug wires and heater hose.. looking good eh.. !!!
Under the Hood!
  • I like the interaction of the colours in this photo...
  • This photo was taken in the garage under artificial light.. the detailing still isnt complete... is it ever????
Under the Hood!
  • One of my first *experiments* was with the wiring on the car I accidentilly as a good friend would say... "Let the smoke out of the wire"
  • I replaced a large portion of the wiring under the hood along the way making sure connections and such were properly soldered and connectors were weather tight.
Under the Hood!
  • I came across a deal that I couldnt refuse at Canadian Tire one day.. a new altenator for $24 Bucks!!
  • In addition to changing this part, I had the starter rebuilt with the help of apprentices at work. Battery cables and all hoses and belts were changed.
Under the Hood!
  • One of the safety and cooling concerns that I had was the distance the fan blade was from the radiator. Afer an exhaustive search for the correct fan shroud I called it off. Do you know where I can find a shroud from a 69 Fairlane. Yes a '69!
  • I will try to explain that one later!!!