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    The New PROJECT!! 04/01/03

    I thought I would put together a few pages on the net related to my latest Project. She is a 1963 Fairlane 500 Two Door Hardtop. I purchased her from a fellow in Saskatchewan and drove her home on September 22, 2001. I was looking for a car similar to this one for about 8 months before I found this one......and well the rest is history. Or should I say that is where the recent memories began. I didn't have too much difficulty talking my wife into the purchase either. Amazing eh??

    The first car my father and mother helped me to purchace as a teen was a 1963 Fairlane, dark blue with a 260 V8 automatic 2 speed. I really enjoyed this car even when I had to have the transmission redone. Yep did I hear you say HOTROD kid? Anyway as the story goes.....I sold my wife on the idea of a project car and specifically a 1963 Fairlane by the fact that this is also the car that I had taught her how to drive in. I think I need to take up salesmanship SOON!!

    I hope you enjoy your visit, with the intention of coming back again some time to check for recent updates. The following links Chronicle the items that I have done to her in the last months: