The Fairlane Chronicles!

I took some great photos to show some of the details that I have worked on that dont fit in any of the other areas so far. Seems like I have just about done it all inside, outside, upside and downside

The DEtails!!

Front of Fairlane with parts removed
  • During this winter I had the opportunity to take off just about every boltable part on the car
  • As you can see the feaver has struck the front of the car....where did the parts go you say.......well...
Rear of Fairlane in the Sun!
  • Here are all the parts after being blasted and painted on the drying rack
  • I think I could get to like this....LOTS.
Under the Hood!
  • Amazingly enough...I got all the parts back on and in the right place.
  • As I remember this is the first time that I had so many parts off the car at one time and was a little worried that I wouldnt remember where things went
A peek at the Drivers seat
  • I did the same thing on the rear of the car, removing all trim and bumper and brakets and blasting and cleaning and painting.
  • In this shot you can see the chrome extensions of the exhaust ..looks good eh?
A look at the dash!
  • I decided to do a little convience feature on the car and installed a trunk lock actuator and remote button in the glove compartment.
  • What's next eh...... cruise control??
Under the other LID!
  • I have been looking for a pair of roof pillar emblems since I took delivery of the car in September.
  • I know these are not the right ones but for $5 they will suffice until I can affort the reproduction items for $100US a pair....YIKES!!!
An exellent repair job!
  • FINALLY!! I had the chance to take the car to work and have one of my friends have a critical look at the work I have done over the winter months..
  • Here is the car up on the alignment rack taking the readings.. I was only out about .5 degrees on one side when I had set the toe by eye..pretty good eh!
An exellent repair job!
  • Here is the shot of the underside of the car when it was up on the rack.
  • Looks a little dark but you get to see just what I have been up to over the winter!
Is this a COVERUP??!
  • I had a couple of tarps laying around the garage with the thought that one
  • day I would attempt to make a form fitted car cover...
    Pretty GOOD EH?? and all for around $20...and just a little time.
The Covers are IN!!
  • I took this shot to show you how the new covers turned out in the car.
  • The upholsterer indicated that they are not original as I have known
    all along...but for around $200 I did both front a back.
Let the music BEGIN!
  • I went to the salvage yard this week and picked up a am/fm radio to mount
  • in the car. Not wanting to ruin the look of the original dash I decided
    to slip it in the glove box.......not to shabby for the radio and 4 speakers for $30.