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From Humble Beginnings, I am taking on this project to see and learn about a number of items related to Car restoration and Hot Rodding

PictureS of the WEEK!

Here is my latest installment on the Comet Wagon... on the trailer and ready to roll. Could you call this a COOL RIDE??? 29/11/03

Well I am back in action. Check out my latest project. I have started to get the WAGON ready for the road, a little welding and primer goes a long way... LOOKING GOOD EH?? 26/08/04

Now Check out these new WHEELS!!... 2004 SuperCrew 4X4 23/10/04

Hey Check it out.......... THis is a sure sign of spring, brought the Fairlane home today from winter storage with only a few reservations of taking her back there next winter.... seems a little rust happening around the car due to the damp conditions the car sat in for the last 6 months... 21/04/03

Shop all cleaned up and ready to bring home the Fairlane in the next few days. I still need to do the plastic work on the comet but at least the majority of the dirty work is out of the way. 20/04/03

I FINALLy got a coat of primer on the bare metal..man does the COMET ever look different in one colour tone of a beige epoxy primer... click on the image to enlarge 19/04/03

Here is another shot of the car in epoxy primer, the fumes were a little on the tough side to handle but she is all done inside and out.19/04/03


Rough scrubbing of the door skin on the drivers side 12/03/03
Here is the look of the door with the Aircraft stripper I have been using.........man it works GOOD! 12/03/03
The outside of the door skin is done..now onto the inside!! 12/03/03
I thought I would try a little work on the car this one day...AT WORK..and created these dollies that fit under and support the car and make it MOVEABLE...09/03/03
Here are the parts I took out of the right hand side door...man there are a LOT of things to put back... 09/03/03

of course I couldnt out do the left side.. here are the parts ready for a little cleaning in the blaster 09/03/03
I had to do a little cutting along this area to get at a little rust, the following image...01/03/03
I patched an area I discovered under the chrome trim today..... looks pretty good eh?01/03/03
This area needs a little attention...rust pits and a dent......TIME TO FIX....01/03/03
Just a little work and time..and viola.... fixed.... inner and outter skin.01/03/03
I think this will keep the air a little healthier in the shop when working.....check out the ceiling... 26/02/03
This is were the PARTS car is housed for the winter. 26/02/03
This is the internal construction of the parts car shelter 26/02/03

Here are the before and after shots of a few things I did on the right side of the body... I rememoved all the detail shots but will insert them in the appropriate page soon!

This is the area that needs a bit of WORK.... ALOT OF WORK!!02/03/03
The patch has been sanded and conditioned to blend into the existing sheet metal.... just a little warpage..but not too bad.02/03/03
The Rust is cut out and ready to start modifications back to ORIGINAL 22/02/03
The Job Complete, not too bad for about 4 hours of Labour. 22/02/03
How is this for a RAINBOW of parts??? 31/01/03
What the heck is this GUY LOOKING at?? 24/01/03

How do you like these Cool Wheels.. I am looking for a SET!
American Racing Wheel #200S...14 X 6 to 15 X 7
5 x 4 1/2" Ford Bolt Pattern

Click on the above links for more information!

I am in the process of creating a page to show you some of the cars that I have come across in the last few months you can see the variety that Manitoba has to offer by checking out my Cool Finds Page

There is a long story to the appearance of the car into my Garage. I was a local car show at one of the malls on a Wednesday night early in July. I was talking to a few friends stating that I was interested in a second project to my Fairlane

As I was saying that I was thinking of a Convertible might be what I want to start, along came this fellow out of nowhere and he says..."if you want a Convertible, I have one and if you want it ..I will give it to you"

Well far be it from me to look a gift horse in the mouth....... On the following Saturday, I think it was the 5th or so of July, 2002, I took the ride with my wife to have a look at the car. About an hours drive south west and I arrived at a homestead with a number of out buildings.

I figured I had to be in the right place for outside was a cool dandelion yellow 60's Cab-Over Pickup with some awesome side pipes... My new friend lead me to a qounset to have a look at the car.... over in the corner... dark and dusty sat this car.... well I am sure I started drooling right then and there.... I looked at my wife and she knew I was going to have the car in the driveway as soon as I could. The following pages will chronicle the trials and tribulations I have gone through over the winter of 2002-2003 in the search of a COOL CREWSER!

To date I have acquired a number of items in the long and winding road to the creation of what I am going to call my CALCREWSER. My dream was to have a dependable ride with most of the creature comforts. In this light I planned on swapping in a 5.0L EFI and AOD from a '90 Grand Marquis complete with AC and cruise and as many of the toys as I could take from the car. As this will be an indepth project I also purchased a '78 Granada to do a driveline changeover, including disc brake swap and a 9" rear end.

How is this for a Ride EH?

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I know, I know this isnt a Caliente.....or a convertible.... I found this car up for Auction on Ebay..and I am thinking of this is what the Convertible might look like when I am finish the RESTOMOD!
To give you the idea of what the engine bay might look like here is a quick shot!
5.0L EFI

Miscellaneous Photos!!
I NEED TO DO Something Major here for repair....HELP!!!

How is this for a Ride EH?

Could this be my next Project or.......just a dream??