The Fairlane Chronicles!

I took some great photos prior to purchasing the car, hope you enjoy!! Click on the image for a larger version providing more detail.

My First Cruise with the Fairlane in Regina

Front of Fairlane in the Sun!
  • During our little test cruise we stopped to take some photos in the sun
  • "Wouldn't she look great with a little cleanup?" me thinks....
Rear of Fairlane in the Sun!
  • Of course I had to take a shot of her leaving the line......
  • "Almost looks like a Tbird at this angle......?" me thinks....OH YEAH!!
Under the Hood!
  • I could see the potential of this equipment. What you are looking at under all the dust and dirt is one fine runner.... 302 2V with a 3 speed C4 Transmission.
  • "I think I can......I think I can!"
A peek at the Drivers seat
  • The interior is a little tired.....specially the front seat which I have plans for.
  • Carpets and dash and headliner is in good condition.
A look at the dash!
  • I wanted to show you how good the dash condition was.... so here is a shot
  • This car has 45400 ORIGINAL miles!! and talk about cruising to the oldies.. the original AM radio...and it plays to CKY oldies?
Under the other LID!
  • There is going to be a little work in here I can see...check on my after pages to see what I did to this area.
  • "I know I can......I know I can!", confidence is everything.
An exellent repair job!
  • Prior to my purchasing the fairlane the only bad rust was repaired on the left rear quarter.
  • Did I hear you say "TYPICAL FORD"?