(William Ja-On Campbell Hillman)

Chapter Fifteen: Prelude to Hell

Kameleo enjoyed watching T.V. just not from a hospital room. By the time he and Gaelynne reached the hospital, their wounds had been completely healed over. He had to admit he had fun listening to the bickering between the paramedics from the airport and the hospital doctors, but it had been a full day. They had agreed to keep the two of them for observation, much to Kameleo and Gaelynne’s disfavor.

For the last couple days, all the news had been the attack in Northern France where someone decided to try out a cuisinart on some guy’s privates, and more recently, the Vatican’s sinking a dozen feet into the ground. A religious disaster they called it, as if God decided the Vatican was on too high of ground. Christians are calling it the work of the devil as his strength grows, and everyone else is saying it was their own God casting down the Christian God. Kameleo knew better... it was Caernarvon setting off the explosives for the Eternal Curse’s headquarters. Kameleo also wondered if the Northern France incident had anything to do with Sire.

It didn’t take long for Caernarvon and Sire to track Kameleo down, only a matter of a couple days. News about a crazy sword fight in an international airport travels fast and they arrived in the hospital just as Kameleo was packing his belongings. Gaelynne was searching around the hospital trying to find a bag on pretzels she had been craving.

“Nice work you did on the Morlock at the airport Kameleo...” Caernarvon said as he patted his friend on the back, “But whatever happened to low profile?”

“Shit happens Caernarvon. Long story... he almost got Gaelynne...”

Sire and Caernarvon looked at each other inquisitively, “Gaelynne?” they both responded as they turned back and looked at Kameleo.

Kameleo smiled, “She found me just after I met with Connor...”
 “He was moping around dark alleys completely liquered...” Gaelynne laughed as she walked into the room, “Caernarvon, Sire... it’s been a while...”

“Yeah Gaelynne...what about three months? I mean...” Sire caught himself, but not fast enough. In seconds, Kameleo was on him, holding his friend a foot up the wall by his neck. “Oh shit... I’m gonna die...”

“What do you mean months Sire?! You mean you’ve been holding out on me for a hundred years?” Kameleo screamed at the top of his lungs. Sire’s expression turned to that of a man about to be executed. His eyes widened especially wide as he noticed Kameleo’s eyes letting off their psionic blue glow.

“Kameleo... put him down... it was for your safety...” Caernarvon whispered as he sat down in one of the chairs and crossed his legs. Kameleo dropped Sire and glared over at Caernarvon.

“You knew as well? How could you?” Kameleo whispered as he sat down on the bed and held his hands to his head. Slowly, he shook his head in disbelief.

“Kameleo...” Gaelynne said as she sat next to her lover, “I had to leave you... the Kurgan was getting so close to me... I’m sorry. He wanted nothing to do with you, but the Kurgan wouldn’t stop at anything for my Quickening, and with your high profile I was easy to find! If he got my Quickening... there would have been no way for Macleod to take him out. He would have killed you, Kameleo, to get to me... and I couldn’t have that.”

“The Kurgan died fourteen years ago...damnit...” Kameleo hissed, “Why did you wait?”

At this point, Caernarvon stepped in, “She had to hide. From Monte. You have to understand that she is unique, my friend. She has powers no one on this earth has. There are three groups of superpowers... Malarian Stone powers, Psionic Powers, and... her powers. After the Kurgan fell, she was going to contact you... but Monte started tracking her as you obviously now know. And Monte has no love for you my friend. He would have burnt you to a crisp with his powers.”

Gaelynne sat down on the bed and a couple tears flowed from her swollen eyes. “I tried to contact you just after Connor killed the Kurgan. I was in New York, and was looking for you. People said there was a crazy murder at Silvercup Studios, but when I got there... only a dead body remained. Three days later, I heard word that Monte discovered my powers, and started a global manhunt on me. I was being hunted across the world. I couldn’t lead him to you...”

Kameleo rubbed his eyes with his hands and looked up, tears streaming from his eyes. He cried openly in front of his friends before he walked over to Gaelynne and embraced her tightly. Together they cried for a hundred years of sadness and guilt. For one hundred years he searched for her, and for one hundred years, she protected him. At this point, Caernarvon and Sire got up and left the room, leaving the two alone.


“What happened in France, Sire?” Caernarvon asked as they walked down the hallway of the hospital.

“Morlock has the sword... he almost had me, ran my through with the blade... I could feel its power trying to suck out my soul...”

“You fought him... and lived. Impressive...”

“Gave him a little something to remember me by too...”

“What’s that?”

“Let’s just say he ain’t half the man I am...”


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