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Chapter Fourteen: Monte's Fall from Grace

Order of the Eternal Curse’s Headquarters, under the Vatican

Caernarvon walked down the dark and quiet hallways of the Eternal Curse’s headquarters, deep below the Vatican. The entire facility had been deserted ever since the mere hint of the Gathering, all the employees travelling to the American base in New York. But still, as empty as the base was, Caernarvon felt uneasy just being here, almost as if he was being watched. He quickly realized that he was not alone nor was the base empty completely. Whether they were watching him or not meant anything to him, since he knew the dangerous foes were now across the ocean.

These hallways, once his home for several long years now seemed alien, almost hostile. If he knew what was to happen when he first was approached by Monte about joining, he would have declined and stayed with the Watchers, or at least tried. Monte was persuasive when he saw something he wanted, and Caernarvon’s access to the Watcher’s files meant he was a valuable commodity. When Caernarvon defected to the new Immortal conglomeration, Monte’s knowledge about the Immortal community became complete.

Caernarvon came to the great doors of the main control centre of the complex, and to his surprise, the massive doors, whose very structure told of the Battle of the Five, were open, ever so slightly. Inside the room, Caernarvon heard scraping as if something were being dragged across the floor, very slowly. Quietly, Caernarvon peeked inside the room, and to his surprise, saw a limbless Immortal slithering across the floor and its head turned back over his shoulder as far as it could.

“It is you I felt Caernarvon...” Ellis Carlisle said as he smiled weakly. “Surprised to see me?”

“Ellis... I thought you were dead...” Caernarvon said as he walked towards his old friend. He looked down and saw that his body was a mangled mess.

“Heh heh...” Ellis chuckled. “So did everyone else. Left me to the dogs, and didn’t bother to check on me. They all left in such a hurry, they didn’t see my fight to the death!”

Caernarvon picked his crippled friend up, and carried him over to a chair, where he propped him up. “How did you kill the dogs?”

“I’ll say this... you ain’t a survivor until you kill two dogs with your teeth alone my friend... Ripped me apart pretty good though.”

“You killed the dogs with your teeth... amazing. But how the hell did you get here?”

Ellis smiled and looked over at the door. He shook his head and looked Caernarvon in the eye. “Wasn’t easy... I was lucky they left the door partially open. So, what brings you back here?”

Caernarvon pointed over to the control centre and said, “Wiping the memory banks. Just in case, sort of covering my tracks. Then set the self-destruct...”

Carlisle smiled. “Makes it easier for me...” he said as he looked to where his arms used to be. “Wasn’t sure how I’d prime the charges. You’re going after him aren’t you?”

“Don’t have a choice... gonna have to. Someone has to stop him.”

Carlisle motioned for Caernarvon to move closer to him with his head. “You know... Monte wasn’t always like this...”

“I think I know Ellis... I was his friend.” Caernarvon said in a smug attitude. “He used to be the more honorable Immortal... until Morlock fried his mind...”

“That isn’t completely true.” Carlisle said, “Want to know what really happened?”

Caernarvon looked confused. Somehow, he didn’t want to know how Monte really fell from grace, but still, curiosity had piqued his interest. “Tell me...”

“It was a long time ago... I believe it was the fall of 447 A.D.”

447 A.D., Northern Coast of France

Monte and the Kurgan had been exchanging blows for a couple hours with no obvious victor appearing. The wind never seemed to phase the two Immortals as they fought on the scenic cliff alongside the Channel. Their blows seemed not to tire one another, but drive their inner fires. The Kurgan was however, beginning to lose his confidence. He went on the defensive again, struggling under Monte’s strikes, his broadsword giving way to the added length of the mighty longsword Monte wielded with mastery.

“Come on, Monte!” the Kurgan growled as he parried the attacks with his blade, “Let’s see some sport!”

“You’re weakening, Kurgan! I’ve been waiting for this moment since the Battle of the Five!” Monte shouted as he pressed the upper hand, and with a single stroke, knocked with Kurgan’s blade from his hands. It flew through the air and dug itself into the dirt near the edge of the cliff. Monte struck again, and his blade cut deep into the Kurgan’s side, driving him to one knee in pain.

The Kurgan grunted  as he knelt in front of Monte, the curved blade dangerously close to his neck. He looked up and smiled an evil grin, which soon turned to a viscous scowl. “Bastard...”

Monte smiled, raised his blade into the air, and suddenly screamed in pain. He dropped his blade behind him, and the Kurgan stared in wonderment. Monte clutched his head and screamed, “Morlock! Morlock! Where are you!?”

“I told you you wouldn’t defeat me!” shouted the voice in his head. “I own you, Monte! I’ll be back! I hope you enjoy what the Kurgan is about to do to you...”

The Kurgan took notice of Monte’s suffering, and as Monte took several steps back with a pivot that left his back open, the Kurgan took the chance to grab the curved longsword. He grabbed the blade, and with a vengeful growl, rammed the blade through the noble Immortal’s spine. Monte’s back arched in pain, as he screamed in terror and horror. He had lost a fight he was sure to win. The pain was so intense as the Kurgan twisted the blade in his belly, that Morlock’s voice disappeared.

The Kurgan moved close to Monte and whispered in his ear, “Now this is something I enjoy.” Monte’s face was clenched in pain and the Kurgan loved it. With a quick pull, the blade came free from Monte’s body, and he attacked the helpless Monte, slashing his sword arm from his body. “Don’t worry, Monte... I’ve just begun...”

Present Day

“Monte had the Kurgan defeated?” Caernarvon asked. “But Morlock intervened?”

“Exactly. When Morlock died... he used his powers and ‘claimed’ part of Monte’s mind. Later, he returned in his mind, and began to drive him to insanity. When he faced the Kurgan, his mind was already staring to deteriorate. Morlock caused Monte to lose the battle, and the Kurgan took him.”

“But didn’t kill him?” Caernarvon said with an air of confusion. He was entranced by the faery tale of how his friend lost his sanity. Monte was the most noble immortals of the age. He was strong, powerful and mentally the most stable man alive ever. Everyone knew this... even the Kurgan, Caernarvon thought.

“No... he took him away... and tortured him for months...”


“The Kurgan nailed him to an ancient oak tree, crucified, and was taken down daily for his beatings. He was beaten to death, and then nailed back up to recover. For months, he survived the beatings, but every day, he thought inside his head. Thinking was the only thing he could do, and the only thing which kept some of his sanity.”

“How did he escape?”

“I’m not there yet... hold on. Over the months, he tried to escape, but couldn’t. His body died dozens of times, but his mind got stronger. He began to be able to control his mind, and eventually, master some skills beyond what he already knew. Within these months are the birth of some of the tricks you can do, like hiding the Buzz, among other things. Anyway, one day he escaped when the Kurgan was away. He escaped and then ran...”

“Until he found DeMagi...” Caernarvon added. “DeMagi was a psionic and Monte knew it. So he taught him, Kameleo was to be Monte revenge on the Kurgan. Trained him to defeat the Russian, and avenge his own defeat.”

“Heh heh... the man knew what he was doing. DeMagi was a special case my friend. His psionics are far more than a regular powerful mind. I don’t know how it worked out, but it was hereditary. His father had powers which rivaled even Monte’s.”

Caernarvon agreed. Kameleo’s father, Joel, had actually been the one who brought on Caernarvon’s immortality. Joel broke Caernarvon before Monte could stop him. “Interesting.”

“Now you know more than anyone else alive save Monte. You have to stop that bastard! But more importantly, stop Morlock. There is a disc in my quarters which have a full detail of Monte’s plan with nukes. I copied it while I was transferring the stations over to the American office.” Ellis lowered his head and cried. “Take my Quickening my friend. If you don’t someone else will. My time on this world is over. Take my powers and use them to stop Morlock and Monte.”

Caernarvon drew his weapon, raised it above his head, and closed his eyes, “Thank you Ellis,” he whispered, “Save me a seat when you get there...”

The blade fell... be continued in Chapter 15...


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