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Chapter Thirteen: Coming to America

After a short breakfast, complimentary of The Order of the Eternal Curse’s company credit card he fingered from Caernarvon, he was changed and ready to find Gaelynne once again. With a smile on his face, he whipped out the card once again, and contacted a limo for a ride to the nearest tailor shop.

“Driver...” DeMagi said as he got into the black limo. The sliding windows slowly slid down and the driver turned around. Kameleo handed the man an American twenty and said, “To the nicest tailor shop my good man! I have need of a suit! And if you would be so kind as to wait for me, there will several twins of that bill’s larger, more significant brothers!”

Needless to saw, the driver contentedly waited as they reached an old building. DeMagi looked out and stared at the building for several seconds before he nodded his approval. The driver opened the door and Kameleo exited the vehicle. Smiling at the driver he walked to the entrance of the shop.

“How... reminiscent...” Kameleo whispered to himself as he looked up at the sign of the establishment. Giovanni’s. “This is the shop I purchased my first Italian tailored suit several hundred years ago! How ironic, for this may be my last if Morlock gets me!”

DeMagi shrugged at the thought of ruining a perfectly good suit with bloodstains and blade marks, but hey, when you have a card, who cares! Grabbing the wooden door, he opened it to an enormous shop, lined with suits and jackets and trousers. With an ear to ear grin, he walked over to the front counter, slapped down the platinum colored card, and said, “I want the best...”

At 11:25 AM, Giovanni’s closed its doors to the general public, and only opened its doors once for the next four hours, for a delivery driver dropping off some Chinese food.

“Thank you Caernarvon!” Kameleo laughed as he walked out the shop with a beautiful black suit and trenchcoat. Under his jacket he held his two swords, one on each side. “What a beautiful day!” he shouted out as he raised his hands to the sky and rolled his head back. The moment was broken to the sound of thunder and falling rain drops which soon turned into a veritable monsoon.

“Typical...” he growled as he flipped up his collar and climbed into the limo, “The airport please...”

Kameleo picked up his pace as he strode through the crowded airport scanning the area for his lover, Gaelynne Morgan. Finding her would not be hard, he thought as he stopped, opened his black trenchcoat, which was soaked from the deluge outside the building, and looked around. He leaned a little on his walking stick, relieving the some of the weight from his ancient feet and concentrated on feeling the Quickening. She stood out like a sore thumb with her Quickening echoing in the building that felt like an opera singer struck by a bolt of lightning. He spotted her standing next to a small coffee shop, almost hidden from view by the crowd. He waved to her, and she spotted him, slowly, she grabbed her luggage and started to walk towards Kameleo. He smiled and walked towards her. By the time he was a couple hundred feet from her, he knew something was wrong. Something felt wrong... almost sinister.

He felt another Quickening moving towards her. It was faint... almost not there, but it was still a Quickening nonetheless. He tightened his hand on the hilt of his walking stick, when he saw the Immortal. He was massive, enormous, immense. A tall dark monster, whose very presence sent forth an eerie emission of fear, was slowly advancing towards her from behind. Gaelynne slowly began to become aware to the faint buzz as she turned around with a curious look on her face. She gasped as she witnessed the beast draw a massive sword from his trench coat, and raised it above his head.

People screamed in fear at the sight of the dark blade, and the crowd ran for cover, scattering in all directions leaving the airport in general chaos.  Kameleo screamed Gaelic curses outloud as he tossed off his coat and raised his walking stick. Now was not the time to pull your blade Kameleo, he thought, what with all the security guards around. “Gaelynne! Run!” He screamed as he dashed across the open floor, maneuvering around the prone bodies of mortals.

Gaelynne would have died right then and there if it were not for the playful instincts of man. He smiled at the sound of DeMagi’s Gaelic curses as if he understood them and brought the swords hilt down on Gaelynne’s head, knocking her to the ground, and almost sending out of the realm of consciousness. DeMagi growled in anger as she hit the ground, and then he realized whom he was face to face with... Joshua Morlock. The Unbreakable. The Hermit. Death in its flesh form.

“Kameleo DeMagi...” Morlock whispered as soon as DeMagi was close enough to hear him. DeMagi stopped and his eyes widened in shock. Morlock smiled and held his arms out to his sides, his dark and sinister black scratching alone the concrete floor, leaving a dark scar across the hard surface. He laughed a barely audible laugh, which sounded like a choking animal, and DeMagi got scared... for first time in several hundred years.

Oh, shit... Kameleo thought. He knows my name... not good! Not good! Slowly, he backed up, regaining his posture and confidence. DeMagi shook his head and growled in Gaelic to Morlock. The curses were obvious to Morlock who quite fluently spoke the ancient language and they began to anger him.

“Get out of here Morlock!” shouted DeMagi as he advanced on the opponent slowly. “This is not your time nor your place! You’re dead!”

“Burn in Hell, Kameleo. I did for hundreds of years!” Morlock hissed as his face tightened up in a venomous smile, “Leave and you will live for a while longer! I just want the girl!”

“You can’t have her!” DeMagi shouted out. His peripheral vision caught the advance of the airport security guards, who surrounded the three Immortals. Morlock spotted this as well, and laughed out loud.

“Freeze!” screamed one of the guards as he pointed his sidearm at Morlock, “Back up with your hands in the air! Drop the weapon and kick it over here!”

Morlock smiled, and turned to face a guard. With an evil smile, his eyes glowed blue, and the guard’s hands started to shake. Slowly, the security guards hand and sidearm moved towards his face, until the barrel of the pistol was pressed firmly against his left eye. The man began to sweat profusely, and his jaw clenched down hard enough blood began to drip from his teeth.

“Amen...” Morlock whispered as the gun went off, showering the prone mortals behind the guard with blood and organic tissue. People screamed and cried at the horror, and the lifeless body of the guard fell to the ground. “Rejoice DeMagi... the fun has just started!”

“Right! Drop him!” shouted one of the other guards as they both opened fire on Morlock’s body. Bullets ripped into his torso and his body took several steps back. One of the guards stopped and reloaded, while the other sidestepped to the dead companion and picked up the other gun. Using both weapons, he opened fired again. In seconds, the ammunition was used up, the bullets stopped and the Hermit looked pissed.

Slowly, he looked down at his body, and the holes healed up faster than they had appeared. He smiled as he looked up, and walked towards the two men. They quivered in fear and pulled their nightsticks from their belts and attacked the monster. With two swift strokes, Morlock had severed both their heads, and he smiled as his blade, the Soul-Stealer relished the mortal souls. DeMagi growled in hatred and he drew his sword from his cane. Showtime.

“Bastard!” DeMagi screamed as he stepped forward. “You can’t be any better than the Kurgan! I’ll gut you now!”

Morlock shook his head, “Don’t do this. This is not your time... I have more important matters to look after before I kill a young pup like you.”

“You won’t be doing the killing!” DeMagi screamed as he attacked the Hermit. His ceramic blade clashing with the Soul-Stealer time after time. He struck hard and true, but every blow he attacked with, was blocked by Morlock’s blade.

“How predictable...” he laughed as he defended himself. “Your style is merely a cross between Monte and Ramiriz! Ha! You are even more predictable than I had thought!”

DeMagi smiled. Apparently, he ruse had worked, he thought, he’s giving me a chance! DeMagi had thought that if he made himself predictable, Morlock would open up a little, play with him before crushing him. He was right. Now it was time to fight. In seconds, his fighting style change completely, from mechanical to fluid and elegant. From a duel to a dance. The ruse had worked, and now he attacked. Morlock noticed the trap, but reacted too slowly to adapt. DeMagi struck dark, slashing Morlock on the right side of his face from his lip to his ear, and came eye to eye with the monster as he ran his blade through his chest with all his strength.

“Hurts, doesn’t it?” DeMagi whispered as he smiled at Morlock. Joshua grimaced at the sight of this young immortal. Trickery he thought. This young pup has bested me... for now.

“You haven’t seen hurt yet!” Morlock screamed as he pushed DeMagi away, the ceramic blade coming out his chest. Morlock swung his blade, and it glanced DeMagi on the shoulder. With his last blow, he ran DeMagi thought with his dark blade, lifted him into the air, and threw him a dozen feet. Kameleo landed on the hard ground, hurting, and bleeding.

“Oh shit...” Kameleo said as he saw Morlock turn around and walk away. Slowly, mist arose around him and he was gone, leaving only a message in DeMagi’s head. Later my friend, the voice said, another time...

"That’s it Morlock... use your powers of the Quickening. You’ll soon use it all up... and then you’ll be mine.”

DeMagi stood up, pulled the blade from his chest and walked over to Gaelynne, who was sitting on the floor, trying to clear her head from the attack. He helped her stand up and walk over to some benches to the side of the airport. Within minutes, there was a medical team and dozens of security guards. One of the guards, who spoke English quite fluently introduced himself as the head of security.

“Sir, that was incredible!” he cried out as he stood by DeMagi, “You are heroes! Who knows how many could have died if you had not... my god! You’re hurt! Medics!”

DeMagi protested, but in seconds, four men dressed in white grabbed him and eased him onto a stretcher. Kameleo gave up resisting as it seemed pointless, and looked over at Gaelynne, who was also resisting the assistance.

“May I ask your name, so I can tell the media?” the head of security asked.

“Umm... sure... Phillipe DeMagi.”

“Phillipe DeMagi? The billionaire? Amazing!”

Kameleo shook his head and rolled his eyes back into his head. Caernarvon is gonna flip over this... be continued in Chapter 14...


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