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Chapter Twelve: The Marnin' Gull Tavern

DeMagi had been walking for hours through the streets of Rome, thinking of what had transpired in his life. Damn, what a hell of a life it was... all 1500 years of it! It was beginning to get dark, and the crowds of people had now diminished down to the few stragglers out for an evening stroll or those too drunk to care.

Rome was a beautiful city, he thought once again, and he had missed it for the past five hundred years. But then again, he had missed many things, all of which could be deemed equally important. One thing he didn't miss however, was the ever increasing number of homeless on the street. Occasionally he would drop a few lira in a metal cup or ragged hands, but DeMagi could only tolerate so much. It was definitely time to find some place to relax.

He struggled to remember if there was a tavern nearby, but for the life of him, he couldn't place his location. Over five hundred years, things change, but he never thought this much would have changed. Lucky for him, he had a map... unfortunately he was thoughtful enough to leave it in his hotel room. He had to get out of that room fast though... nothing on T.V. except for some weird brawl in Northern France where someoneís groin got cut up or something. He really didnít want to know.

Out of the blue, came a shining force. The Marnin' Gull tavern stood like a beacon to the travelers suffering from parched lips. Deja Vu struck him, and he felt like he was home once again. Damn, he needed a beer! He quickly progressed to the wooden door of the pub, and opened the gateway to his once great solitude.

"You look a little lost there buddy..." said a voice as it broke Kameleo's trance. He looked up to return the look of a bartender standing alone in the bar, behind the counter, washing out a beer mug.

"Sorry... just trying to place the building. It's very old, isn't it?"

The bartender placed the mug under the spig and promptly filled it up. Foam flowed over the edges, and the bartender cursed. Still cursing, he grabbed a cloth and wiped the mess up. "Yeah, she's been here for years! Built over five hundred years ago, but burnt to the ground over some dispute. Some of the original pieces are still here. Some decoratives, the massive mirror wall to your left, hell, even the bar! Still on the original plot of land, and she still keeps the original name, The Marnin' Gull!"

"Original bar... the Marnin' Gull... so this is the place..." DeMagi said, as his mind drifted off into another time. He could still remember the day that the Kurgan set the tavern ablaze, hoping to drive DeMagi out to him. His plan failed, when he discovered that DeMagi wasn't even in the city. By the time DeMagi returned, most of the inn had been incinerated, and the Kurgan long gone. The deed to the land was given over to his bartender, and DeMagi once again began to roam the world.

"You know of this tavern?" said the bartender with an anxious eye. Obviously he was curious how this foreigner had come to learn of his tavern, and if the things he had heard were good or bad.

"Yeah, my... ancestor... once owned this tavern..." DeMagi with a wandering tone of the voice. The bartender smiled, and poured another drink, and slid it over to DeMagi.

"My God! The irony is thick in this room, my brother! It would seem that my ancestor would have received this tavern from your ancestor! A drink my friend! A drink to our ancestors, who made this tavern the tavern it is now!"


The two enjoyed a moment of silence as they sipped their beer in a toast. The quiet of the tavern was interrupted by the tapping of two glasses being placed down on the table with a hollow knock.

"Why the long face? Having some woman problems are we? Business problems?" asked the bartender, as he prodded DeMagi for answers, being the typical bartender he was.

DeMagi shook his head and took another sip of his draft, and decided he didn't like this beer. Damn, he needed a Guinness. He really needed a Guinness. "You really don't want to be involved in this problem. You wouldn't understand..."

"Try me..."

Kameleo saw the determination in the bartender's eyes, and decided that the resistance he was putting up was worthless. He was going to be badgered the whole time he is here. He took the last sip of his beer, and to his surprise, found it instantly refilled. He shrugged and had another sip. On days like this, you really didn't have to offer DeMagi twice, even if it was one of the most horrid beers he had ever had. He had tasted better American beer...

"Fine... you want to know my life? Here we go. My name is Phillipe Kameleo DeMagi, born in the countryside of Northern Gaul, in the year of our Lord 420 A.D. I was killed in the year 447 A.D. when roaming bandits killed my newlywed wife and I following our marriage. I discovered that I am an Immortal and therefore incapable of either having children or dying, unless my head is taken from my shoulders. I am a participant in this ageless game of death without a choice or reason. Recently, I have been searching for my love Gaelynne Morgan for the past 100 years or so, and have not found her. My previous teacher and friend is mad, and intent on ruling the world. He is currently my employer, but at the same time, I was employed by a rival corporation. I was sent to steal the cargo I was hired to protect, which consisted of a cargo of seventeen nuclear explosive warheads, which are now loose on the Global market. There is a maniac after me, who is the most dangerous individual on the planet, and I've have a pretty bitter 1500 years or so..." rambled DeMagi as he finished off another mug of draft. He slammed the mug down on the table and shook his head. "And I really need a real beer..."

The bartender merely stared and poured DeMagi another mug of draft. "Here you go buddy, I think you need another one..." He murmured as DeMagiís cup runneth over.

It was late by the time DeMagi had staggered out of the tavern. He and the bartender had spent quite a bit of time drinking and talking, and by the time DeMagi had left, the bartender was quite impressed by his drinking ability. Then again, Kameleo was over 1500 years old!

Most of the city had become quite dark and quiet, and DeMagi guessed that it was past midnight at least. The alcohol had clearly given him more than he had bargained for, as his vision spun and sauntered. At least he was conscious! Now if he could only find his way home. He shook his head, trying to regain a sense of direction and sobriety, when he suddenly felt something.

He felt the buzz of another immortal...

"Oh, shit! Not now!" he whispered as he quickly checked the situation. The streets were dead, and the entire city was asleep. Cursing, he darted down a back alley, which he hoped actually led somewhere. Last thing he needed was a fight now!

As he turned the corner, he suddenly felt the buzz shift directions, until it was standing a mere thirty feet in front of him. In the visible light, stood a slim figure, wearing a cloak which concealed the body and weapons and bore a hood which hid the face. Checking out the opponent, he came to the conclusion that it was a woman, about 5'8, and 125 lbs. He couldn't determine any features with the cloak, but she was something to gawk at, but not with that long sword she carried.
 "DeMagi..." she cried out, and suddenly, Kameleo began to fit faces with voices. He came to one face, and he pulled his trenchcoat back, drawing his blade. "I've been looking for you..."
 "Evidently, you have found me!" DeMagi replied as he confidently walked forwards. The alcohol kicked in as he stumbled and teetered forward. Cursing himself for his previous drinking experience, he regained his posture and decided to let her come to him. "Shall we finish what we started five hundred years ago?"
 By this time, she was standing ten feet away from him. She pulled her hood from her head, and stared at her opponent. Her brown hair flowed midway down her back, and looked as soft as silk, and smooth as satin. Her eyes glowed green like that of a summer forest, and her face was young and innocent, or at least as innocent as a murderer could ever get. In DeMagi's eyes, she was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen, and he remained transfixed. Beautiful, lethal, and yet as lithe as a cat. Quickly, he broke the stare and lifted his jaw back up to his mouth. She struck his sword with her own, and raised the blade to parrying stance.
 "We shall see if you are as good as when I last saw you, my teacher..." she whispered out, as she attacked. DeMagi blocked the strike and retaliated with a deadly blow. His opponent blocked with a simple disarming move which sent both blades clanging in the alley. With both warriors disarmed, DeMagi struck. He charged the woman, grabbed her in his arms, and for the first time in one hundred years, kissed Gaelynne Morgan...

DeMagi awoke to find Gaelynne gone. He couldn't see her or sense her. He smiled at the previous night. After stumbling around the city drunk, he had without even a thought placed himself into a vulnerable position for attack. Fortunately, the Immortal he encountered happened to be Gaelynne Morgan, the one he had been searching for all these years. Now after being reunited with her, he felt a short and brief sense of security, only to awaken and find her gone from his life once again.

Damn, he thought as he crawled out of bed. He was grateful that she had been following him, since the only way he found his hotel room was through her. The smell of fresh java aromated through the room, as itís divine air found Kameleo. He released a little smile and almost sub-consciously drifted to the coffee machine. Next to the mugs, he noticed a little note scribbled haphazardly with a red pen.

My Love,
I had to depart while you were sleeping so peacefully. I couldn't bring myself to awaken you, but I'll be waiting at the airport. Inside your jacket is a plane ticket to the United States, first class of course. I'll see you on the plane...

Come to me soon, and carry my love.


At least she hadn't ditched him again... be continued in Chapter 13...


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