(William Ja-On Campbell Hillman)

Chapter Ten: The Soul Stealer

John Sire stared at the large burnt section of grass high up on a cliff overlooking the English Channel. The damned obsidian stone is gone... he thought. This is the exact location! Satellite identification was made just a week ago and the damned rock was here!

Sire cursed aloud, and slowly walked back to his Land-Rover. Lightning crashed overhead, and rain clouds quickly rolled in. He double checked the coordinates and sure enough, he was in the right place. Only the rock wasn’t here. That meant only two things, either Monte got the sword, or Morlock did, and since Monte is still in America, Morlock has just gained an upper hand.

Sire’s Land Rover peeled away in a flurry of rocks and stones and within minutes, he found himself sitting in a dark corner in a small and lonely pub. There couldn’t have been more than fifteen people in the tavern including the barkeep, so he felt quite comfortable. He slammed down his third pint of ale, and called for another one. There was a rush of wind as the front door opened wide, and a dark figure walked into the room. Sire straightened up, and kept his blade close to his body.

The man strode across the floor with wide strides, his long black hair was soaked with rain, and his clothes dripped with water. His attitude seemed almost chaotic, and yet, he wore a smile which confused the piss out of Sire.

“Who are you? I have no time for fighting, I need another drink!” Sire shouted out to the dark man. “Can you come back tomorrow.”

“Whatever do you mean? I don’t want to fight, I merely want to talk.” The man held out his hand and smiled, “Alfred Joshua, I’m a Watcher in need of some... information.”

Sire smiled and took the man’s hand, “A Watcher eh? Have a seat... what’s yer poison?”


“Hear that wench? Bring a cider and another ale on my tab!” Sire leaned forward. “Damn near scared the piss outta me, what with that Morlock resurrected and all.”

“Scary deal that.” The man said, “What do you know of the Wallarian Stone?”

“The Wallarian Stone? You know your history! You probably could count the number of Immortals who know of that Stone on two hands! The War of the Five decimated most of the Immortal population which knew about it. Why the interest?”

“I am... updating the Watcher’s historic files in an attempt to understand more of our past.”

“I see... well, let’s start at the beginning...”

No one knows when the Wallarian Stone came to being, or even where it came from. Stories told it came from a far away land, others spoke of the stars. Whatever it origin, it changed the Game forever.

Psionics are a natural part of the mind, everyone has a little, but a few people have even more. Immortals like Monte are more gifted than others. But the Stone created a new class. It created the first and the last Immortals super powers. When the stone was discovered two thousand years ago by a group of five Immortals, powers began to appear. Within those five Immortals, great power was infused. The powers were the body, soul, mind, energy and the elements. However, the Immortals were too inexperienced and while their intentions were good, their hearts had true evil.

If you’ve ever heard the phrase, “With great power comes great responsibility,” you would be more noble than these men. The stone corrupted their souls and they began a scourge called the War of the Five which would leave the Immortal population decimated for hundreds of years.

Following the final battle of the Five in which a group of Five immortals called the Brethen destroyed their stronghold, Morlock was the only surviving member of the Five, and the Stone was lost. Lost until 415 A.D. when Joel DeMagi found the stone.

During his travels, he encountered a group of gypsies who persuaded him to buy a Magical rock. Always eager to tell a story to his wife and friends, he purchased the stone for a song, and returned home, unaware he began to change.

Five years later, the stone had transcended DeMagi to a level no human had been, but unfortunately, no human could keep the knowledge in their head and remain sane. He destroyed his family, and only because of Caernarvon and Monte did one boy survive... Kameleo DeMagi, and within him, was the powers his father had. The powers progressed through heredity.

The final recipient of the power of the stone was in fact, Monte. After Joel DeMagi died, the Stone offered its power to Monte, knowing how pure his soul was. The last recipients were either tainted or mortal, so the power took their minds. Monte would survive the enduring powers, and become the cure to the stone’s mistake. Monte would undo the wrongs brought on buy the stone.

“Where is the stone now?” asked the historian curiously as he lowered his hand under the table. Sire missed this movement, dismissing it as non-hostile. He couldn’t be more wrong.

“The stone...” Sire said as he sipped his drink, “is no more. Monte used up the last of its power, and it crumbled to dust...”

Sire’s guest slammed his fist down in anger and growled, “Destroyed? No...”

“Whoa... calm down man... just a wee bit of history...”

“I’ll show you a ‘wee bit of history’,” the man growled as he lifted the Soul-Stealer up onto the table. The drinks were knocked over by the impact, and Sire slid his chair back in surprise. “You know your history... name this blade...”

Sire looked closely at the blade, and suddenly his eyes widened and his mouth dropped, “The Soul-Stealer... that means you’re...”

The man smiled an evil grin, lifted the sword and stood up, “Yeah... Joshua Morlock”

Sire screamed out loud, stood up and drew his own blade. However, before he could strike, Morlock knocked John’s blade across the room and ran the Soul-Stealer through Sire’s shoulder, pinning him to the wall. “You wanna tell me why you were up on that cliff? Looking for my blade perhaps?”

Sire groaned in pain and spit in Morlock’s face. “Burn in Hell! You’re a corpse! You’re dead! Macleod is gonna skin you alive!”

“Macleod... ahh, yes... he is one of my first targets. Your friend DeMagi’s lover is first though... I believe the Watcher’s last saw her in Rome...”

No... thought Sire... not Gaelynne! He struggled against the blade when he remembered his cleaver. “You won’t get her! DeMagi will make sure of that!” Slowly he moved his hand to his cleaver and lifted it from his belt. “And you won’t have me you bastard!”

Morlock smiled as he slowly twisted the blade in Sire’s shoulder and relished the scream from his foe as the blade made the incision into a gaping hole. Morlock’s smile died slowly Sire swung the cleaver up into Morlock’s groin. Joshua’s face turned white from the pain, and his mouth opened up like a dying fish before he let out a low guttural scream. He fell to the ground in pain, and Sire pulled the blade out of his shoulder.

“Hope you enjoy being alive again... don’t do anything I wouldn’t do...” he groaned as he staggered out of the tavern and into the street, where he flagged down a taxi. “Airport... fast...” Damnit... that cleaver won’t stop him for long and there’s no way I can take him, even with him down... have to warn Kameleo... somehow... be continued in Chapter 11...


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