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Chapter Nine: The Dividing of the Quests

Seattle Airport, Washington, 3 Days later

DeMagi smiled as he saw John Sire walking alongside Caernarvon. His friend was finally conscious, after several days of recovery. It didn’t seem like three days ago he, Sire and Caernarvon had blasted out of his house with his black market F-14 Tomcat. The power of money is highly overrated, he thought, but definitely fun! Sire’s wounds had healed over nicely, his internal Quickening repairing the internal burning he had suffered from Monte. Still, if it wasn’t for some contacts Caernarvon had in the medical field, they would never have gotten the drugs Sire needed to recover.

DeMagi stroked his goatee thoughtfully, as he tried to think of how Monte managed to bring forth that kind of psionic power. He was strong in the mind, but not strong enough to burn someone from the inside so badly that the Quickening has a hard time recovering. Sire must have caught Monte pretty pissed off, since the only way that kind of damage could be done is by using a Quickening of some long defeated immortal as a power source for the psionics.

That must be the answer he thought. There is no other explanation. But Monte doesn’t casually go around burning off his Quickenings. He must have wanted something... something bad.

He shrugged his shoulders and walked over to Sire and patted him on the back. “Good to see you walking again!”

“Thanks... it only hurts when I laugh...” Sire groaned, half in pain from the burns and half in pain from DeMagi’s pat on the back. He leaned on his cane a little harder, and smiled weakly.

“Sire... tell him about Monte... tell him what he wanted from you.” Caernarvon said as he dropped his luggage on the ground and straightened his suit.

“Monte?” Kameleo asked.

“Kameleo... I know where Morlock’s sword is... the Soul-Stealer...”

Silence filled the area as his words rolled off the tip of his tongue. Kameleo stared in disbelief, and his heart missed a beat. “You know where the sword is? How?”

“I did a little research on Monte and Morlock’s fight, and you know how the exact location is unknown? I found it. It is on the northern coast of France, near the English Channel. It’s not exactly hidden, just unknown. The sword was encased in a solid boulder of obsidian by Morlock’s last dying power. He locked it away so Monte could not get it.”

Caernarvon looked a little confused. “How the hell did you find it? You check out every obsidian boulder in the area?”

Sire looked over at Caernarvon and smiled. “The stories say that the sword was encase in a boulder of obsidian, correct? How often do you find black obsidian on the coastal shores of France? Monte couldn’t find the sword when his mind shattered, like that part of his memory was erased. He knew I knew where it was, and tortured me to try and find it.”

“So explain to me why no one else has gotten it over the last thousand years or so...”

“Not many people know of this story, and even if you did... how do you get the sword out?” Ellis replied.

“Someone has to go find it and destroy it...” DeMagi said as he shook his head slowly in disbelief. “That weapon cannot fall into the wrong hands. Tell me where it is, Sire... I’ll go get it.”

John shook his head and smiled, “Sorry my friend, “ he said as he handed DeMagi an airline ticket, first class of course. “You’ve got other things to do...”

DeMagi took the ticket and read the writing, “Rome, Italy? Why?”

“Because, “ Caernarvon said, “We have arranged a meeting with Connor Macleod. He will speak to you, because of your... connections with his past...”

“And you two? What are you doing while I gallivant around the world?” DeMagi said as he picked up his luggage, and with his two friends at his side, began to walk to his gate for departure.

“Sire is going to find the sword, and destroy it if he can. I am going to The Vatican, where I will find out more about Monte’s plan. He didn’t even tell me everything.” Caernarvon said as he fished two more tickets out of his pocket , and handed Sire one. “We are all on different flights. Attracts a little less attention if Monte is watching.”

Sire broke off from the other two immortals as he waved good-bye. He hobbled over to the duty-free shop with a thirsty look on his face. Obviously, he had a desire for some brandy, Caernarvon decided. John turned around and smiled at his friends as he eyed up mickey of brandy.

Caernarvon fumbled in his pockets, searching for something of obvious importance. DeMagi was a dozen feet away from him when he turned around and asked what was wrong. “I can’t find my Charge card the Eternal Curse gave me... damn!”

DeMagi shrugged his shoulders, heaved his duffle bag back up on his back, turned around and smiled. He reached into his own pocket and withdrew a small plastic card with Caernarvon’s name on it. This is for scaring the shit outta me back at the Nuke heist...

Sire and Caernarvon stood by the glass window of the airport, watching DeMagi’s plane take off for Salt Lake City. He had a short delay there before flying to Toronto, and then to London and Rome. As the plane went airborne, Sire shook his head.

“Poor bastard. All the money in the world, and I still wouldn’t want to be him...”

“Why not?” Caernarvon inquired curiously, as he looked over at his friend.

“DeMagi is one of the wealthiest men in the country. He has all the money and resources in the world, and none of it is helping him find Gaelynne...”

“It’s sad how much pain he is in, but ‘twas for his own safety. When did you last see her?"

“Three months ago. Think he’ll find her in Europe?”

“No...” Caernarvon sighed. “But she may find him...” be continued in Chapter 10...


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