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Chapter Eight: Ambush at the Safehouse

Inside DeMagi’s Seattle home

Within Kameleo DeMagi’s woodland retreat outside the city, flickered a single light of a candle or two from the living room, and inside, two men as ancient as the oldest nations sat in matching leather armchairs reminiscing about the old days. The old days... ahhh, there was so much less hassle with Immortals, so few compared to now. Most of them from that age are now dead... or deadly.

Kameleo sat up and staggered over to the cooler on the far side of the room, his breath reeked of the stench of good hard ales, and his body and clothes stunk of sweat and blood from the battle just hours before. He laughed hysterically as he pulled on the handle of the cooler and pulled out a couple of stout ales. He regained his composure and with a little toss, sent the little brown bottle flying towards his friend, Caernarvon.

The bottle missed disgustingly by several feet, and landed in a broken, wet mess on the floor, beside several other smashed bottles. Caernarvon laughed as he pointed at the explosion of ale and stood up with a teetering posture.

“DeMagi... you really lose it when you drink!” he mumbled, almost unintelligently to his old friend, “You used to be able to drink me under the table a mere decade ago, and tonight you had a mere thirty beers!”

DeMagi glared evilly at his companion, and tossed another beer towards him, this time, catching him square in the head. Caernarvon reeled back and laughed outloud, catching the beer in his hand before it landed on the ground. Kameleo opened his beer and smiled as he sipped on the lager.

The moment ended as the duo whipped out their handguns and spun around to the clicking of a door opening. They remained quiet and still, as they cocked their pistols, and aimed at the slowly opening door.

“Damn, you sober up fast when the adrenaline hits you...” Kameleo whispered.

“Slowly there little man!” Caernarvon shouted to their intrusive companion, as he took several steps forward and opened the door by the handle. From behind the door, fell a dark figure, and a Quickening hit them with a sudden rush of adrenaline. Caernarvon dropped his weapon and rushed to the man’s aid, while Kameleo slammed the door, activated the proximity security systems for the house and watched through the window in the door, weapon primed and ready for use.

Caernarvon turned the man onto his back, and pulled the hood back from his head and looked into the eyes of an exhausted John Sire. Caernarvon examined his friend and saw several bloody wounds. Electrical burns covered his body, and he stunk of burning flesh.

“John... are you alive?” Kameleo said with an astonished look on his face. His eyes lit up as he heard a faint beeping of the proximity sensors of the house. His line of sight shot over towards the control panel and on it, saw several lights flashing, indicating uninvited guests had followed their prey. “Oh, shit... he led them right to us...” Kameleo whispered as he activated the security net of the grounds and turned to Caernarvon.

“John’s alive, but hurting real bad... something burnt him from the inside out. The Quickening isn’t healing him fast enough. He’s gonna need help or he’ll never heal fully.” Caernarvon said as he shook his head.

“What the hell do you mean he’ll never heal fully... anything can heal with us!” DeMagi whispered back in response. “Can’t it?”

Caernarvon lifted Sire up onto his shoulder and proceeded to walk away from the door. DeMagi motioned his companion to move to the stairs to the basement as he slowly backed up in pursuit, his eyes never once leaving the exit to the house, and weapon trained on the centre of the door. Caernarvon opened the door to the basement with a little difficulty, as Sire was struggling to break free from his hold. DeMagi quickly grabbed another weapon, a small automatic rifle, off the wall rack and slid the handgun into the back of his pants.

Caernarvon  walked halfway down the stairs when he turned to DeMagi and spoke softly, “These burns are those of a Quickening burst. Someone, besides you my friend can use the Quickening as a weapon.”

“... Monte...” DeMagi hissed as he grabbed yet another automatic rifle from the rack, “Maybe I shall stick around here for a second or two...”

“Kameleo, if Monte is here... he is not alone... and it is not you he wants. Can we still get out from the basement?”

“Caernarvon, this is my getaway... of course you can! Get going! I’m gonna prime the explosives!”

“You’re going to destroy the building? Last time you did that, you took out half a square mile!”

“Don’t worry... I’m only using a low grade nuke this time...” DeMagi replied with a smile which told Caernarvon that he wasn’t kidding. He opened a control panel near the door to the basement and entered the code to prime the explosives, but before he could activate the nuke, the door burst into a shower of splinters and several men in black rushed into the room. DeMagi turned and opened fire on the invaders and took down the first wave with little difficulty. “Mortals...”

There was a breaking of glass as gas canisters broke through the windows and emitted their smokescreen of tear gas. DeMagi swore outloud, released a last burst of ammunition out the door, and slammed the basement door shut. Quickly, he opened another control panel on the wall, pressed a few buttons and activated the sliding steel door covering the exit.

“We don’t have much time, Caernarvon...” DeMagi said as he turned around and headed down the stairs, “They’ve already disabled the nuke! The catalyst explosives are still primed and they will destroy the house, but they’re going to live. These guys are fast. They knew exactly what I would do!”

“The Order has an extensive file on you, my friend. They will be anticipating our exit through your underground tunnel with one of your roadsters! We’re trapped!”

“The only way out is that tunnel my friend... we have to improvise...”
 Caernarvon looked around the massive basement, which was dimly lit and about the size of half a football field. There were several sports cars parked throughout the area, ranging from BMWs to Mustangs. He suddenly felt very much like a pauper as he stared sadly at the red Dodge Viper sitting contently on the cement floor. Seeing this car of DeMagi’s made him remember the 1979 BMW he had at home, and how pathetic it really was. Kameleo certainly had made his share of money throughout the centuries, and his lust for toys shone brightly. Sadly enough, however, the Viper was fast, but as a getaway car, not nearly fast enough, even with the modifications which it most likely had.

“Caernarvon... wake up!” DeMagi shouted as he pressed a button on a computer counsel. Caernarvon turned around, set Sire down on the floor, and stared in disbelief as the floor slowly lowered itself downwards. “Second floor... guns, toys and accessories...”

DeMagi’s taste in toys suddenly brightened up about three notches as the floor they were previously on covered over with a sliding door, lights flickered to life, and a F-14 naval fighter jet came into view. Caernarvon’s eyes lit up in joy as he saw this piece of equipment. She stood there a knight in shining armor, a marvel of destructive weaponry, and Caernarvon wanted it.

“Welcome to the my sub-basement. No one knows its here... not even your boss...” DeMagi walked over to a wall of weapons, grabbed a duffle bag and tossed a few odds and ends in. He tossed his matching katana and Wakazashi blades into the bag, along with another matching katana and an Atlantian twin bladed pike. For good measure, he grabbed several handguns and rifles and tossed the bag in a storage tank on the jet.

“Where... did you get... THAT!?” Caernarvon shouted as he held his hands out in disbelief. “A fighter jet is not just for sale like a car on a dealership lot.”

“If I told you... you’d buy two and I don’t think so... get in. Being filthy rich has its advantages.” He smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “Since they’re waiting at the exit, we’ll give them something to wait for!” DeMagi said as he reached up and spun the barrel of the side minigun. It clicked evilly, and Caernarvon smiled.

Outside DeMagi’s retreat

Several armed mortals and Immortals stood outside a small barn waiting to ambush DeMagi, Sire and Caernarvon, for unknown to most of the populace of the area, this little barn whose rear wall was made up on the side of the cliff was actually a cover for DeMagi’s emergency exit. The guards turned around as they heard a sudden explosion and stared as Kameleo’s house a mere half kilometer away exploded in a fair sized explosion.

“Bummer...” whispered one of the Immortals as he shook his head,

“Monte was in there.  Looks like our contract is now expired! Let’s go home... this mission sucked anyway!”

“Wait!” shouted one of the mortals as he turned around and faced the front of the barn with his rifle at his side. He listened carefully, swearing he heard something like a jet engine whining in the distance.
“You hear that? It sounds like...”

The rest of the guards moved in closer to the barn doors inquisitively, and slowly, one of them reached for the handle to open the large red door. Without a warning, a hail of machine gun bullets ripped through the door and guards as a fighter jet exploded out from the exit, its machine guns blaring and erupting forth its brimstone and fire. The jet had cleared several hundred feet even before the bodies of the guards hit the ground.

“Yeehaaa!!” Caernarvon screamed at the top of his lungs as he suffered through the ascent of the jet and the g-forces. Sire was nestled over his lap, still half-conscious from his run in with Monte, but alive. “Damn I love this thing!”

“Think we got them by surprise!?” DeMagi shouted back to his friend as he piloted the jet towards the rising sun at the horizon.

“Surprise? This’ll be one ambush they’ll never forget!”

The ruins of DeMagi’s retreat

Amidst the fire and rubble, there was a stirring of debris, and slowly, a bloody hand pushed free from its tomb of DeMagi’s unwilling design flexing its digits in a tight fist. Blue lightning enveloped the flesh as the Quickening took effect on the wounds and burns. With a crackling of knuckles, the hand released its muscles, and stretched its fingers out a wide as possible. A smell of ozone emanated from a section of the rubble, and slowly, a blue glow covered the debris as well as the hand. Monte pushed back the remains of DeMagi’s house like it was weightless and he climbed through the fires. Waves of Monte’s psionic power rippled out in all direction, sending shivers across the rubble.

“Caernarvon... you are mine!” be continued in Chapter 9...


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