(William Ja-On Campbell Hillman)

Chapter Seven: The Heist

High in the air above Washington State 50 minutes later

“Kameleo!” shouted Monte as he looked into DeMagi’s eyes. He slowly opened up a map of the area, and laid it out in front of DeMagi.  “This is the battle plan! The cargo train will approach the Lake-Bed area in about ten minutes. At that point, we kill the armed guards who are on the train and as well as the ones on the ground. My men will move in from behind the train in order to prevent any escape to the rear. Kameleo, you must help my men secure the nuke trailer.”

“Nothing a little more explicit, just kill the bad guys and get the loot?” DeMagi replied back as he looked at the map. Then he realized what he was getting into. Lake-Bed... nukes... oh shit. These bastards are hitting the cargo Sire hired me to protect! This was going to be a really bad day. He glanced up at Monte and smiled weakly, “Pretty easy job isn’t it? You sure you need me? Maybe I should cover the rear?”

“It’ll be harder than you think, my friend.”

Caernarvon pointed to the ground as they flew through the valley. Ahead about a mile was the train carrying the nukes. “The train is ahead of schedule. They’re slowing down already!”

“Caernarvon... jumpjets coming from behind!” shouted the pilot. The two jets shot past the chopper and one proceeded to land. Caernarvon looked down and saw Sire climb out of the jet a mere hundred feet away from the train. He was yelling pointing at the helicopter. The second jet hovered above the ground, slowly turning around to face the helicopter, and watched intently.

“Unknown aircraft... identify yourself. You are in a restricted area...” came the voice over the headset. “Identify yourself or I will be forced to open fire.”

“Pilot... kill them.” Monte ordered and the massive cannon turned to the jet. With a shot that shook the helicopter, the cannon fired and destroyed the jet in a blinding explosion. The milk carton sized bullet cut through the armor of the jet like it was merely tinfoil. “Nice shot. Continue with the plan.”

Kameleo watched in awe as the helicopter which held Caernarvon, Montegue LeMoynne, and himself slowly caught up to the runaway train which held the deadly cargo that DeMagi was hired to protect. Irony gripped the air as he thought of the reaction which soon would be widespread as he landed and attacked the very cargo that he was hired to protect. Sire was going to have a fit when he saw this.

Just ahead came the first stop of the cargo train, and he could now see the temporary station that was set up by the Lake-Bed organization. Armed guards lined the tracks for several hundred feet, now on alert from the fire fight in the sky and the guard stations on the train continued their cautious guard. Slowly, the train came to a stop, and DeMagi began to wonder what events were to transpire.

"Monte..." Kameleo shouted into the headset. The sudden burst of his voice startled the remaining passengers as they cringed at the loud booming voice. "Looks like they stepped up guard duty. There has to be over five hundred guards on the tracks and over one hundred aboard the train itself! Worse part is they are on alert because of that little explosion fiasco. How the hell are we to take the cargo?"

"Simple. All of the nukes are contained in an armored containment vault, " he replied as he pointed to the centre cargo transport. "which is then protected by armed garrisons on each side. We simply take out all the intruders."

"What... all three of us?"

"No my friend..." he whispered as he eyed the scene. There was a sudden explosion of gunfire as the guards which lined either side of the train opened fire with their weapons. "More like all three hundred of us..."

DeMagi watched in horror as the armed guards aboard the train were cut to pieces. Despite the protective shields which lined the garrison train, the numbers were simply too many for the defenders to stand a chance. In minutes, the gunshots ended, and the train was firmly under control. Kameleo turned in awe to his former teacher.

"You own the guards?"
"Its amazing how quickly and easily a man can be turned under the proper situations. Of course many of the guards work for us, but alas, most of them are merely pawns. We actually control about three hundred of them I’d estimate, but I don’t believe that any of these mortals are important to our plan, so they can all be executed. Pilot, you may open fire, and Caernarvon, order the Immortals on the ground to eliminate the expendables..."

Caernarvon merely nodded and passed on the order. The pilot on the other hand, came into position with the soldiers and opened fire with the twin mini-guns located on the either side of the small helicopter. On the ground, over thirty Immortals opened fire on the mortal soldiers, and from above, the helicopter rained down its hail of carnage. It was over as quickly as the Immortals finished off the stragglers and proceeded to surround the train, finishing off the resistance. Kameleo watched in horror as the event took place. This whole mission was a giant blood bath. Of the entire garrison that was on the ground, minus the immortals, all were dead.

Monte turned to DeMagi, "Time for you to earn your pay my friend... Gaelynne is waiting…" he murmured and opened the door of the helicopter. Kameleo nodded, and rappelled to the surface. Monte then turned his attention to Caernarvon, "How many immortals are we expecting?"

"At the upper limit... may thirty or forty. The guns may have cut down a dozen or so, but they’re moral will be shot..." replied Caernarvon as he hesitated for a second to make a quick calculation. "Secure the trailer. The most powerful will be there. Our men can handle the rest."

 DeMagi let out a weak smile as he grabbed the black cable that was hanging from the helicopter and rappelled down to the battlefield. As he fell to the ground, he saw fights breaking out already. Remaining Lake-Bed troops and immortals, already outnumbered and outgunned were falling to the Order of the Eternal Curse faster than even he had anticipated. In the corner of his eye, he saw the nuclear train and its guards, losing ground at a breathtaking rate. It would soon be over unless he helped. What the hell did he care about the Eternal Curse now? Monte already deposited over half his fee into his account. His initial priority after reaching the ground is to get over there and help Lake-Bed, but the landing hit him harder than he had anticipated and he fell over on his back. Within seconds, he found himself at ends with a very sharp blade in his face. He looked up and saw a familiar face, with an unfamiliar look of anger.

"Kameleo..." growled John Sire in disbelief, "I trusted you my friend, and you betray me like this? You would give Monte the power to destroy this world? What has he promised you, you bastard?"

"Dammit John. It's not what it looks like! They hired me for a job, but I just found out what it was today!" shouted DeMagi as he looked into John's anger filled eyes. "I'm not helping that bastard!"

"I don't think I can trust you DeMagi..." whispered Sire through clenched teeth, his guard never easing up for a second, "But...I do owe you one..."

"John... trust me..." whispered DeMagi, when he suddenly saw a glimmer from a blade from behind his friend. Kameleo changed his focus to behind John, and he saw an immortal charging from behind. "John! Behind you!" Kameleo screamed.

Sire spun around and in a blink of an eye, grabbed his cleaver and hurled it at his would-be assassin. The blade found its mark, right between his eyes and the force propelled his upper torso back, so that his back broke like a twig. The motionless body stopped a mere two feet from Sire.

"Thanks Kameleo, I guess I can trust you..." sighed Sire, "Let’s save this world." Sire brought his blade down on the fallen Immortals neck, which instantly severed his head from the body. This battle wouldn't be a battle of skill as much. Rather it would be a test of endurance, or who can keep fighting after the Quickening has worn your body down. A lot of blood will be spilled today, but more would be spilled if they lost. DeMagi smiled at Sire as he ran away from his friend, towards the cargo carriage, weapons drawn.

High above the action scene hovered a helicopter with perhaps two of the most powerful individuals in the state. Montegue LeMoynne and Caernarvon, two ancient immortals watched as their pawns systematically secured the train and its deadly cargo.

"Caernarvon..." LeMoynne whispered, "This Kameleo DeMagi..."

"Yes, Montegue?" replied Caernarvon as he scanned the area for DeMagi and found him running towards the train, his weapons drawn, ready to lash out at anyone that stood in his way.

"When the mission is complete... kill him. My gift to you, my friend. DeMagi's Quickening."

Caernarvon turned and looked at LeMoynne, with a smile spreading across his face. "Kill him? The poor bastard won't know what hit him..."

LeMoynne merely nodded and smiled. Caernarvon understood immediately, leaped out of the helicopter and rappelled down to the ground, eager to finish the task at hand.

"Shit!" shouted DeMagi as he struggled to climb the stairs to one of the train's armored cars. Around him, mortals and immortals fought for supremacy of the battle. Reaching the top, he looked around in horror. Monte's men had overwhelmed the Lake-Bed's men, and now the last bit of resistance fought to defend the nuke car. High above, several of Monte’s helicopters were dropping cables to haul away the nukes, and his men were rappelling down to the trailer.

DeMagi spun around as he felt the Quickening of an immortal, but oddly enough, the sensation wasn't as strong as it should be. A normal Immortal would have overlooked it, but since Kameleo himself can hide the Quickening, he could feel the weak sense. He drew his sword, deflected a blow to his head, and struck with the other weapon, decapitating the attacker with a smooth swing of the blade. He closed his eyes and absorbed the Quickening of his dead opponent. He screamed out loud as the white fire flowed through his body, and he nearly collapsed after it had ended. This was a strong one, he thought, an old Immortal. Oddly enough, he had never seen him before.

DeMagi sheathed one of his blades as he stood over the body of a dead Immortal he did not know, or even care to know. The man was obviously a member of the Order of the Eternal Curse, coincidentally the group that hired him, and he really didn't want to have anything to do with them. Not after this strike. It won't take long for the other members to find out he betrayed them, and send someone out to get him. He slowly slid his other blade back into his sheath at his side, and walked towards the nearest ladder to get off of this hijacked train. Then he felt a buzz which seemed all too familiar...
 "DeMagi..." shouted Caernarvon as Kameleo slowly turned around, and peered into the barrel of an automatic handgun. Caernarvon stood a mere ten feet away, with the weapon pointed dangerously at DeMagi's head, and he knew that if this weapon went off, he would have a very bad day. DeMagi raised his arms up to shoulder height, and lowered his head.

"I should have known it would be you, Caernarvon, but I couldn’t bring myself to think it..." Kameleo whispered, as he silently awaited his death, almost disappointed with the outcome of his life. After all these years, he still couldn’t trust his friends.

"Behind you!" Caernarvon shouted as the weapon fired off a shot. The bullet ripped past DeMagi's ear, and he spun around to see another Immortal stagger under the blow. The bullet landed in his shoulder, and knocked his blade out of his hands and into the air. Caernarvon fired five more times, and by this time, DeMagi had whipped his blade out. The immortal took the bullets in the chest and began to fall backwards, when Caernarvon released a final shot which caught him dead centre in the neck, killing him instantly.

Caernarvon ejected the spent ammunition clip and found himself quickly staring down the cold steel blade of DeMagi's weapon. The tip of the blade pricked his chin and a trickle of blood oozed down the cold, smooth surface of the wakazashi. Caernarvon let the weapon go limp as it hung by the trigger guard on his finger. DeMagi slowly grabbed the weapon and tossed it over the side of the car.

"Dammit DeMagi! I saved your life!" Caernarvon hissed as DeMagi turned him around and forced him to his knees. His arms were placed behind his back as DeMagi grabbed the second handgun which Caernarvon carried in his back holster. "Don't you trust anyone?"

"I don't trust anyone who appears to be pointing a gun at my freakin' head! You guys hired me to steal this cargo!? I was hired to protect this cargo! What the hell am I supposed to do now? Every hunter on this planet will be after me!"

"For Christ's sake DeMagi! Monte hired you because you are one of the best, even if he didn’t want you when Carlisle brought you in! He could have just killed you at the Vatican, but he didn’t! He came up with a better plan, you were to help with the mission and then to be labeled expendable..." DeMagi loosened up his grip on the blade as this caught his interest. "As soon as the cargo was secured, I was to kill you myself any way possible..."

"You bastard."

Caernarvon turned his head around and was greeted by his own handgun. "My God man! I didn't kill you! I fuckin' saved yer miserable life! That bloody immortal you killed could mask the buzz, and the one I killed could hide the buzz... not even you can feel someone who can do that! Something big is happening, DeMagi... bigger than you realize... Some of the immortals on this mission were part of Monte's elite fighting force. Only these guys can hide the buzz, just like we can!"

"What the hell are you talking about? What's going on? Tell me or I'll kill you!"

Caernarvon smiled and slowly moved his hand down to his boot. DeMagi missed this simple movement, and within seconds, he spun around on his legs, freeing himself from the restraints of the weapon pointed at his head and drew the small handgun which was conveniently hidden in his boot. Kameleo’s weapon fired, but missed by inches as Caernarvon pivoted and stood up. DeMagi struggled to watch this quick movement but found himself staring once again at an armed opponent. Deadlock.

"Well Caernarvon. It would seem that we are once again facing a stand-down..." mumbled DeMagi, as him and Caernarvon began to move in a semi-circle, never once letting their guards down. The two stared down each other's weapons and into their eyes, almost with a growing hatred of one another. Kameleo sneered, sheathed his weapon and drew a second handgun.

"Yes Kameleo. You know it is too late for you to do anything about it. The nukes are already on their way to our headquarters. Our men are enroute to the rendezvous point as we speak, and I am to kill you."

"Yeah, well, hate to tell you my friend... if you take me out, you are going to have a helluva headache..."

"True. How about putting the weapons away and heading off before the military gets wind of this and sends someone to investigate."

"Not a chance..."

"We can go talk this out over a Guinness. Beats blowing each others heads off..."

DeMagi and Caernarvon slowly lowered their weapons. "...barely..." DeMagi replied as he slid his weapon under his belt. Caernarvon slapped his hand on DeMagi’s back and laughed out loud.

“Just when did you start using the wakazashi again? You pussying out on me?” Caernarvon asked as they walked down the train. He looked over and saw the Order’s choppers hauling the deadly cargo off into the horizon.

“When did you start carrying a 9mm? Did you expect to kill me or just piss me off?”

“Heh heh... just fuckin’ with ya man...” be continued in Chapter 8...



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