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Chapter Five: Montegue LeMoynne

Under the Vatican

 "... kameleo..." whispered a familiar voice in DeMagi's head as he slowly came out of unconscious. Slowly he shook his head and his vision began to clear up. "Kameleo, damnit... the tranquilizer wasn't that strong... wake up!"

 DeMagi rubbed his eyes and his vision cleared up completely and he saw the familiar face of Caernarvon looking at him. Slowly, and groggily, he stood up and stretched his arms. "You drugged me? I’ve killed people for less!”

 Caernarvon helped his friend stand up and helped him adjust his suit. “Yeah, well, its not like you haven’t done it to me a dozen times before…”

 “Yeah and if I hadn’t, that hunter would have gotten you with that elephant tranquilizer… you should be thanking me, not drugging me!”

 “Kameleo, make yourself presentable for God’s sake… you have a meeting!” Caernarvon grumbled and shook his head as he turned and began to walk down the long dark hallway. “Montegue is waiting, and you do not want to be late!”

 “Remind me why I’m doing this?” Kameleo quizzed as he scratched his head and then adjusted his tie.

 “’Cuz I’m bigger than you, and you have no sword… I do…”

 Kameleo shrugged, checked his side and saw his blade was indeed gone. He released a sarcastic little smile and spoke up, “Fair enough… nice place you have here Caernarvon…”

 Caernarvon smiled as he slowed down and waited for his friend. When he had caught up, he resumed his pace down the hallway. Their footsteps clomped violently on the stone floor as the sound carried throughout the visible stretch of stone corridors. Eventually, they ran out of hallway, and they came up to a set of bronze doors, with carvings of swords, and battles engraved in its glamour. “Yeah… well… our organization is quite large and… wealthy. Here we are my friend…”

 Kameleo stared at the enormous bronze doors in front of him and raised his eyebrows. Impressive he thought. “Caernarvon, what does this depict, this… battle?”

 Caernarvon smiled and winked, “It was before your time, my friend… and mine… this depicts the War of the Five…”
 “The War of the Five… the defeat of Morlock?”

 Caernarvon smiled and slowly opened one of the doors, “But of course! My employer takes great pride in the fact that he defeated Morlock in single combat shortly after the war!”

 Kameleo stopped short of entering the door as he came to realizing what his friend had said, “Caernarvon… if Montegue LeMoynne defeated Morlock, that would mean he is…”

 As Caernarvon fully opened the door, a dark room was revealed, its only light coming from a wooden desk in the centre of the room. Behind the desk was a high office chair, with its back turned to Caernarvon and DeMagi. “Yes, Kameleo… it is I…” came the voice from the chair, as it slowly turned around, revealing a rather large man, his short brown hair slicked back. He stood up, straightened his expensive looking suit, and walked over to the pair.

 “Monte…” Kameleo hissed as he instinctively reached for his sword, only to find it still was not where it was supposed to be. Caenarvon could feel the anxiety growing in the room and he knew better than to stand between these two. “Caernarvon… why didn’t you tell  me!”

 “Look DeMagi… we knew you wouldn’t come if I said anything… so…”

 Monte waved his hand and Caernarvon stopped talking. “Kameleo… I know you have no great love for me, but we require your… talent, even if I didn’t want you on this mission in the first place…”

 “I have nothing for you… if I can’t fight you, I’m outta here…”

 As Kameleo turned around, he saw Ellis Carlisle close the door and enter the room. With a glow of anger, DeMagi turned around once again, and looked over at Monte. “What do you want?”

 Monte smiled, “As adventurous as always… I like that… tell me about the power of the Five…”

 “They had learned the five forms magic, the elements, the mind, the body, energy, and the soul…” Kameleo spoke as he looked upon Monte with utter disgust.

 “Montegue… you like my choice in warriors?” Carlisle interrupted. Monte looked at Ellis and saw his face. He was obviously gloating.

 “Carlisle… I asked you to bring me the greatest fighters on this planet, and you brought me Kameleo DeMagi? And now you interrupt our conversation?” Monte growled. Obviously he was slightly upset at Ellis’ choice in fighters. “Guards! Bring him to me....” he shouted out, and within seconds, four mortal guards grabbed Ellis and dragged him towards Monte. Monte drew his sword, and held it in his hands.

 “Monte! What are you doing?” Ellis screamed as the guards held his arms tight, refusing to let him go. “You Bastard! You can’t kill me! We’re on Holy Ground!” he screamed frantically as he struggled to break free.

 Caernarvon leaned over to Kameleo and whispered, “You thought he was powerful before? You should see now…”

 Monte smiled, and raised his blade into the air, “No Ellis… we are below Holy Ground!” And brought the blade down on Carlisle’s left arm, severing it from his body. Ellis screamed in pain, but the attack never stopped there. Monte attacked again and again, until all his limbs were cut from his body, and his bowels were spilling out on the floor.

 “…damnit… finish me now… end it… take my Quickening…” moaned Ellis as he lay on the stone floor, bleeding his lifeblood away. Monte struck again, slitting his throat, but leaving his head attached to his body. Carlisle choked and coughed blood through the gaping wound, and his eyes rolled back as he closed his eyelids.

 “No, Ellis…” Monte said, as he sheathed the bloody blade, “I don’t want your Quickening… guards, throw him to the dog pit for a few days… then bring him back to compound. Oh, and do what you please to him after he recovers…”

 The guards nodded, and dragged the parts of the half-dead Immortal out of the room and disappeared down the hallway.
Caernarvon closed the doors once again, and turned his attention to Monte. “What did he do, Montegue?”

“Merely an example to our friend Kameleo of what happens to those who disappoint me. You don’t want to disappoint me do you Kameleo? Especially since we have an extensive file on your woman, Gaelynne Morgan?”

Kameleo walked forward and looked Monte in the eyes. “Show me the file… then I’ll decide…”

“I’ll do better than that, my young friend…” Monte smirked as he walked over to his desk and grabbed a remote. He pressed a few buttons, and a television screen slowly slid down from the ceiling. He pressed another button, and video clips appeared on the screen. Monte pointed to several of the videos as Kameleo watched. “All of these were intercepted several days ago during an Immortal name list leak. As it seems, one of the Watchers had deserted the group with a small list of Immortals from the database. The disc was labeled ‘Watcher Files Imperative’. We believe the buyer was Morlock, as in Joshua Morlock, one of the Five, as in the Hermit, as in the Unbreakable, among dozens of other names in other languages…”

Kameleo’s face turned pale as he watched the video of his love, Gaelynne Morgan… still so beautiful after one hundred years. A single tear fell from his face to the hard, cruel floor. Slowly, he squeezed his hand shut, and several drops of blood from his hand soon joined the single tear as his fingernails cut through his skin.

Monte turned the television off and walked away from Kameleo, “Morlock returned to our world a little over a week ago, and has taken to date twenty Quickenings so far… sixteen of them were my men. The defector was obviously a follower of sorts, who found the information Morlock required. There were several other names on the disc…”

Monte pushed another button and Kameleo watched in awe as several portraits appeared on the screen. “These Immortals were on the list as well as bios, pictures, etc…”

Monte A.K.A Montegue LeMoynne
Gaelynne Morgan the druid
Connor Macleod the Highlander
Kreitos of Atlantis
Caernarvon of Gwynnyd
Phillipe Kameleo DeMagi the Gaul

Terror struck Kameleo as he saw his name on the list, and he turned to Caernarvon, who was shuffling his feet nervously.
“Monte… how the hell did this list come into being? I mean, why the hell are we on it?”

 Monte sighed out loud and turned to face Kameleo and Caernarvon, “Simple. I killed him those long years ago, meaning I have the power of one of the Five. Gaelynne has the power of the druids in her, a power he wants for himself. Connor has the Quickenings of Ramiriz and The Kurgan in him, both of whom defeated one of the Five. Kreitos has one of the Five inside him. Caernarvon and you are two of the greatest fighters left on the planet, and also have distant ties to me. If we don’t work together, we all die, your woman will be the first, as she is the easiest.”

 Kameleo lowered his head in shock and slowly brought his hands to his face where he kept them there for several minutes. Damnit all, he thought. “I’ll do anything for you… just let me find Gaelynne first…”

 “Kameleo… what happens if the powers of the Five are brought together in a single Immortal’s body?” Caernarvon asked inquisitively.

 “My guess…” Kameleo whispered under his breath as he raised his head slightly and looked at his old friend, “Is that they will have complete control over the Five elements of magic… they would be… dominating…”

 Monte smiled and looked over to Caernarvon. “At least Morlock hasn’t found his sword…”

 “The Soul-Stealer? The blade that eats the souls of the Immortals he kills? The blade is long lost. It was never found. The world is better off without it…” Caernarvon whispered. “He’ll not have it… I’ve been searching for centuries for it…”

Near the England/France Channel

 Morlock walked up and down the windy coastal region of France as he searched for something long thought lost. Slowly, he closed his eyes as let his body lead him. He walked slowly, as if being led by a divining rod, until he was standing next to a boulder, almost ten feet in diameter. He closed his eyes, and recalled this very place over 1500 years ago…

447 A.D. Near the England/France Channel
 “Your reign of terror is over, Morlock!” screamed Monte as he held the tip of his blade up to Morlock’s neck, “Your Quickening is mine and your blade is finally mine!”

 Morlock was on his knees, blood flowing from the numerous cuts around his body, slashes across his chest, and his left arm severed at the elbow. He breathed heavy as he leaned on his blade, the Soul-Stealer, whose tip was dug into the ground. He was using this once great weapon of destruction as a crutch, keeping his body upright, focusing his anger at Monte’s eyes.
 “You’ll not have me Monte… or my blade!” he whispered to Monte. With his last bit of strength, he tossed his blade aside, and cried out several words of magic. Monte looked at the blade which was no more than six feet from him, and saw an incredible event. From Morlock’s eyes flowed the Quickenings of three Immortals and the raw energy essence surged into the blade, where it transformed. Slowly, but surely, the blade absorbed the power and changed into the form of a large limestone boulder.

 “No one shall wield my blade…” Morlock screamed as his eyes glowed green, “No one shall wield Soul-Stealer but me!”

 Monte frowned in anger, raised his blade high into the air, and screamed out, “Then I send you to the seventh level of Hell, you bastard!” As the blade came into contact with Morlock’s neck, the green glow struck out, and stabbed Monte in the heart like a bolt from a crossbow.

 Morlock’s head flew from his shoulders and landed near the rock, blood flowing readily. Monte stood still, while he pulled the arrow from his body. With the green light came a light blue haze, and Monte screamed as if he were being torn apart from the inside out. That was in fact, the very event taking place. The partial Quickening and the green energy flowed into Morlock’s head and disappeared. Monte held his hands to his head, and began to laugh a laugh of pure insanity.

 Morlock’s head smiled and stared blankly at Monte. “I will be back, Monte… your soul is mine!”

Present day

Morlock smiled at the memory, raised his hands and brought them down slowly to touch the rock. If I release the Quickenings of three immortals, like I did before, the blade is free. Within seconds, Quickening flowed from his body, and the essence of several Immortals flowed into the rock, their faces caught in a horrible pain. Soon it was over, and where the boulder once was, was a black bastard sword, which seemed to let off an eerie glow of darkness, as if it swallowed light itself.

 Morlock laughed out loud as he raised the blade high into the air, and his voice echoed throughout the countryside like thunder. Death was coming he thought, as he pulled out a disc labeled, ‘Watcher Files Imperative’. Poor fools, he thought… poor fools… be continued in Chapter 6...


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