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Chapter Four: Encounters and Agreements

 DeMagi and Carlisle ran for over a week until they came to the coast side town of Freetown. The advantage of being hundreds of years old is the incredible endurance you build up, and by the end of their trip, Kameleo was more tired than he had been in years. Freetown was a dirty city which DeMagi did not feel comfortable in at all. Fortunately, they were planning to stay for only several days, until they could hire a boat to Spain.

 As they walked through the crowded back alleys, DeMagi began to wonder where this Immortal was taking him. Then it happened, but too fast. A mob of people rushed down the street, and DeMagi and Carlisle were separated. Within minutes, DeMagi found himself several blocks away, and standing in front of a run down bar.

 "Greetings!" cheered a man as he opened the door to the bar and exposed himself. He was a tall man, with a fair bit of build on him, about five centuries or so DeMagi estimated, and yet, he felt no buzz. The man carried a broadsword on his back, which he immediately recognized as 15th century English, a tarnished cleaver on his belt and a large mug of lager in his hand. The man's hair was shoulder length and curly, and his face was soft and kind, making him look almost like a woman, not some Immortal butcher who carried a cleaver.

 "John Sire..." DeMagi quoted, "Born in 1476, in York. It's been a long time..."

 "Yes Kameleo DeMagi, it has been a long time. Last time we met was the turn of the century, correct?"

 "No, you are way off... I cannot believe you forgot what we went through on the Titanic..." smiled DeMagi as he grabbed the man in a bear hug. "Good to see ya, you big oaf!"

 "The Titanic, yes, I still cannot believe what we did to get off of that ship!" Sire said as he patted his friend on the back. "And we had that silly Immortal after the three of us! What was his name?"

 “Damn! What was his name? Caernarvon and him went way back…”

April 14, 1912

Main Dinner Hall
 The main dinner hall was almost entirely empty, except for a single table of two men, who sipped on their champagne, and laughed aloud. The door to the kitchen burst open and another man appeared carrying a plate full of various seafood and vegetables. The meal was enough to feed three men, but when one is over 900 years old, you gain a respectable appetite. He stood at the table where the two men sat and cracked another bottle of champagne.

 “Sire… I have been thinking a tad… maybe I should sport a goatee of sorts. I think, perhaps, a change would be nice…” Kameleo said as he poured the last of the champagne in his glass.

 “No Kameleo… it is not your style, but go ahead! You never listen to me anyway you crazy ass!” Sire said as he laughed out loud.

 "This is great, " Caernarvon exclaimed as he placed his meal on the table and popped the cork of another bottle of champagne, "Tonight we feast like kings, and all because this little ship is sinking!"

 DeMagi looked half stunned as he sipped his champagne. "What do you mean we're sinking?" he cried out. "I thought this ship was unsinkable!"

 Caernarvon merely sat down and feasted on his dinner, "Haven't you noticed everyone running around? I tell you man, that collision we had did more damage than we thought!"

 "So the Unsinkable Titanic is sinking. Damn good thing we ain't drowning!" smiled John Sire, as he poured himself another drink. Slowly he looked up to see a desert tray rolling down the floor until it collided with a table, sending pastries and pies flying. “Bummer…”

 "Sire, we were hit by an Iceberg..."

 "I don't CARE if we are immortal, and cannot drown.

 "So what DeMagi." I am NOT swimming in this freezing cold water!" shouted DeMagi, "We have to get on a life boat!"

 Sire's face went sullen as he thought about the grim situation. "Damn... never thought about that... anyone feel that?" He whispered as he held his hands to his head.

 DeMagi smiled and played with his sabre under the table. "Yeah, we have a visitor..."

 The three men rose and drew their swords, the presence of the nearing immortal threat drew nearer, and the buzz became stronger. The main doors suddenly flew open and a lone figure stood there, wearing a black cape over his red pants and white blouse-like shirt. He stood there wielding his fencing sword and smirked at the three opponents.

 "Mother of God!" shouted Caernarvon as he sheathed his blade, "Damn near scared the shit out of me! Thought it might be someone dangerous..."

 "Caernarvon? Do you know this man?" Sire asked as he leaned over to his friend.

 "This guy? Heard of him. Colonel Vega Montoya he calls himself. From Spain, and hardly worth breaking a sweat. The man should be fighting bulls…"

 The figure was not pleased with this insult. He walked forward to the three and formally introduced a challenge. "My name is Colonel Vega Montoya of Cartegena, Spain. I am the finest warrior in Europe and I challenge you!"

 DeMagi merely raised an eyebrow.

Upper Deck

 DeMagi laughed outloud as the three ran down the deck of the massive Titanic, searching for a lifeboat they could somehow sneak aboard. They could feel the boat beginning to tip forward as the massive gaping hole in the side of the ship allowed the water to gradually fill the ships hold.  "I so cannot believe you took him out with a lobster my friend..."

 "Like I said, hardly worth breaking a sweat." Caernarvon replied, "All these damn lifeboats are taking women and children only..."

 "Looks like we will be swimming." replied Sire, "When will the Colonel awaken?"

 Caernarvon merely shrugged. "Didn't hit him that hard, he's gonna come after us again you know. That guy is so damned annoying."

 "Yeah, so its time to hide the buzz..." DeMagi said as he slowed down his pace to a gradual stop.

 "Good idea DeMagi, I really don't want to kill someone that pathetic." replied Sire, and the three immortals vanished from the Game as their buzz magically disappeared. "Damn I love this trick..."

 "Great, problem 2 out of the way, now about the lifeboats..." Caernarvon smirked.

 "Oh, I've got a plan..." smiled DeMagi.

 "Oh you've got a plan, do you?"

 "I've got a good plan..."

 "Well then master, let's hear it!"

The upper deck of the Titanic was suddenly graced by the emergence of three lovely ladies, wearing slim, black matching dresses, revealing their stage presence of the nightly shows on the boat. The three strutted down the deck towards the first available lifeboat when the centre maiden suddenly fell over on her high heel shoes. The two on either side quickly caught her and lifted her back up.

 "I can't believe I'm doing this, DeMagi." sighed Caernarvon as he struggled to regain his foothold. "My masculine side does not agree with this..."

 "It's either this or you'll be swimming back home!" whispered DeMagi, "Now for the love of God, put on a little smile or we'll never fool these guys!"

 "Damnit DeMagi, if someone takes our picture, I'll never forgive you for this..." whispered Sire, as he placed a seductive smile on his face. He didn't know if it was a good thing, but he noticed several of the surrounding males taking glances over at him.

 "Sire, head over to that life boat. I think there might be some room. It could be our last chance." whispered DeMagi, as he strutted down the deck. "This side of the boat seems to be fairly open, I wonder why?"

 Caernarvon shook his head and turned to Sire, "Damnit. Think I know why this side is so quiet. We've got ourselves a crazy Spanish officer waving his sword around."

 Caernarvon was right. DeMagi and Sire let out a sigh of disbelief as they watched Vega Montoya searching through the life boats for the three elegantly dressed immortals. He was swinging his blade above his head and tossing threats and insults through the crowd. The three immortals merely continued to walk up to the terrorist.

 "DeMagi," whispered Sire, "The three of us are going to walk up to him, release the buzz and knock him over a rail. Sound like a good plan?"

 Caernarvon snickered outloud and whispered back a response, "I love it!"

 "That is the most stupid plan I've heard from you yet!" replied DeMagi in an astonished tone, "But I like it. Poor bastard won't know what hit him!"

 With a smile on their face, and a seductive swing to their manly hips, the three approached the unsuspecting immortal, until they were standing directly behind him. Caernarvon cleared his throat, and Montoya spun around only to look into the eyes of three lovely ladies.

 "What do you three wenches want?" snarled Montoya as he sheathed his blade and put his hands on his hips. The ladies smiled, and Montoya's face went pale. The Buzz hit him like a runaway train, and he took a step back, "No, not you again!"

 The three ladies, in a very unladylike manner, decked the Spanish Colonel, and he flipped back over the railing, and into the cold icy waters of the ocean. The people in the lifeboat clapped and welcomed the trio onto their only salvation with open arms.

 "Like I said Sire..." smirked DeMagi as he wrapped a blanket around his womanly body, "Stupid plan..."

Africa, 1997

 "That was definitely a stupid plan," smiled Sire, as he welcomed DeMagi into the tavern, "But it still is funny to think back about it. Oh, and DeMagi... hide the buzz..."

 DeMagi smiled and winked out of the game as his buzz almost magically disappeared.. "Have some private business now have we?"

 "Yes. Yes there is." replied Sire as he walked to the nearest corner table and sat down. He offered a seat to DeMagi, and he reluctantly took it. "First off… lose the goatee… everyone and their dog has one, and sometimes they have two… and second there is a problem and given your combat experience, we need you to help."

 "First you insult my goatee… now you want to hire me? For combat?" DeMagi said in an astounded voice, slowly stroking his facial hair.

 "Yes. In several weeks, there will be a shipment of seventeen nuclear warheads travelling by rail through Washington State, from Seattle to a classified location known only as Lake-Bed. We believe that this will be a prime target for a terrorist attack. There will be a completely outfitted garrison surrounding the route, as well as a sizeable attack force on the train, but we still need some Immortals just in case..." Sire said as he leaned forward to DeMagi. DeMagi cleared his throat and interrupted him with a disgruntled tone.

 “American? Sorry. I've done enough for the American Military, and just gotten screwed around! Ever since I worked for their military, I even dislike having one of my homes on their soil! I have no trust for those suits, and never will. If they’re transporting nukes and some anti-American group gets them, it suits me fine. As long as I don't get nuked..."

 Sire squirmed a little, and looked around the room. DeMagi looked confused. Eventually he spoke up in a voice that left a bad air throughout the room. "DeMagi... the nukes weren't bought by the Americans..."


 "Those warheads were purchased from some source in China, by a group I work for. These are our nukes. Immortals bought them..."

 DeMagi shook his head and frowned. "Even better. You boys sure know how to get yourself into trouble..."

 "Hey man." Sire said as he held out his hands and widened his eyes, "It isn't me! When I joined, it was the best thing I could do! Keep track of the Immortals running around and safeguard our secret! These guys are big league boys, not like the Watchers! I don't know why they bought the nukes, all I do know is that they are going to be a hot commodity! The whole operation is quiet, but how do you keep seventeen nukes a secret?"

 "Yeah. Right..." whispered DeMagi, leaning forward with a curious look in his eyes, "What's in it for me?"

 Sire smiled, "DeMagi... you really are an adventurous one aren't you..."

 "Yeah, whatever you say..."

 Sire motioned DeMagi to lean forward and he glanced around. Calmly he spoke up, "We believe that the one hitting the transport will be your old friend Monte..."

 DeMagi stiffened up and his face became stern. Monte. Sire nodded and smiled, ”So when do you want to get started?” and walked away. DeMagi now had his chance to tie up a few loose ends...

 DeMagi walked out of the inn, with a sour look on his face. What an interesting day this had become. Now he had to only find that nuisance of an Immortal Carlisle again. It would prove to be a less than difficult task.

 "DeMagi!" shouted a voice from the crowd. DeMagi turned around with a sour look on his face to see Carlisle running down the street, huffing and puffing as if he had just run a Greek marathon. By the time he had caught up to DeMagi, he was on the verge of passing out. DeMagi merely smiled and offered Carlisle a handkerchief which he graciously took and wiped the sweat from his brow.

 "Damnit..." panted Carlisle as he patted his face with the cloth, "Lost you in a crowd man, and then your Buzz disappeared and thought some hunter might have got you!"

 "No Ellis, I merely stopped in for a draft. All this exercise must have confused your senses my friend. The buzz simply does not disappear!"

 "I know..." Ellis replied as he handed back the handkerchief. DeMagi refused in disgust as sweat dripped off the cloth and Carlisle discarded it on the ground. "It was strange... I couldn't find you whatsoever! You just disappeared!"

 "Ahh, it would make life so much easier on an Immortal if he could hide the buzz, would it not?" DeMagi said with a hushed voice, "One could become undetectable, almost invincible! I think it has always been a dream of Immortals…”

 "Yes, but we really must leave my friend. Our boat leaves within the hour and we must be in Spain as soon as we can!"


 "You have a meeting with Montegue LeMoynne..."

DeMagi really hated plane rides, especially with some yappy immortal, but Kameleo was interested in hearing about this Immortal leader of his, Montegue LeMoynne. Kameleo was under the impression that he had met most of the influential immortals in the world, and surely had met all of the truly ancient ones. Who was this LeMoynne, DeMagi wondered? Carlisle said that he was an ancient immortal, several thousands of years old and very powerful. Puzzling as it was, Kameleo was interested.

Upon arrival in Rome, DeMagi was surprised to find a beautiful Rolls Royce awaiting their exit from the airport. DeMagi perked up as he felt the Quickening of another Immortal from the vehicle, and to his surprise, Caernarvon, one of his ancient friends emerged from the back seat.

“Been a while hasn’t it, DeMagi?

"Aye... hours at least... where are we off to?"

Caernarvon nodded at the driver and the vehicle roared to life. With a little smile, Caernarvon looked over to DeMagi. "Where else... The Vatican..."

"Of course... holy ground..."

...continued in Chapter Five...



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