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A Brandon, Manitoba, Canada family with a wide-range of interests and pursuits: songwriting, recording, martial arts, Soo's Chinese restaurant, music instruments & vintage guitars, education, geography & travel, Performing Tours: (USA, England Workingman Clubs, etc.), Media Collections: (OTRadio shows, movies, SciFi & ERBurroughs, books & mags, nostalgia), Writing: (journals, vignettes, novels, scripts, music...), and bananas.

The Hillman Files

Reception - A quick map to all the CyberRoomsin the Eclectic Studio

Track 1 - Career Time Line
A timeline of the Hillman musical career odyssey from 1966 to present. Also included is the cover photo from CD Album #11 taken on the lawn in front of our Brandon residence. Check out the guitar collection piled in the background...and the guarding Chinese lions. 
Track 2 - Song List

A list of the names and contents of the 12 Hillman music albums (on vinyl, video & audio tape, and compact disc). Also included are the recording credits (musicians, studios, dates, etc.) The Hillman CDs may be ordered by e-mail ( The price is $15 (US) for one or $25 (US) for two or $33 (US) for three...(postage & handling included). 
Track 3 - Soo's Restaurant

Welcome to SOO'S Chinese Restaurant: Banquet Rooms ~ Show Hall ~ Daily Buffet ~ Take-Out / Delivery ~ Catering Service ~ Dine & Dance. This site features a navigation chart to the various SOO'S websites and services. Join us in a virtual tour of the restaurant... read about the history of the restaurant and peruse the menus... check out today's buffet menu... visit some of our recommended links... print out our primer on Chinese cuisine... read our zany graffiti wall... visit our CD gift shop... drop us a line.
Hillman Personnel 

Track 4 - Bill Hillman
Wherein Bill shares background info, occupations, interests, some favourite Internet links, and a winter aerial photo of Maple Grove -- the Hillman country home on the site of the original 1878 family homestead near Strathclair, Manitoba, Canada. 

Track 5 - Sue-On Hillman
In her section, Sue-On shares background info, occupations, well as references to her chat friends on the world wide web. A visit here is well worth the wok.
Some of Sue-On's other sites include:
and a compilation of many years' worth of her (in)famous:

Track 6 - Ja-On Hillman
Your chance to enter the strange fantasy world of the eldest of the Hillman offspring. Wear your helmet of choice, as much of this catacomb is still under construction. Even when finished, if ever, you will need a unique set of road maps, compasses, and strong inner ear equilibrium to maneuver the myriad pathways.
The highlight of Ja-On's site is his full length novel: COURSE OF CHAOS

Track 7 - Robin Hillman
This bizarre collection of pages is too off-the-wall and multi-media-dependent to be captured in any printed form so enter this cyber tomb at your own risk. Whatever you do, don't encourage him...check out his Bananarchy page if thou doubtest that of which I speak. 
Track 8 - China-Li Hillman

China (pronounced Cheeeeena) posted her first page here when she was only 10 years old. She actually is the only member of the family with any formal training in website creation (she took a University course over the summer of '96). Check out her "before-" and "after-" course efforts. The smells and sounds of the all the Shrine Circuses she has visited over the years seem to have left an indelible mark on her memories of the "big top." Much of China's time on the Internet now involves the creation of Celtic and fantasy sites. 

Hillman CyberLogs
and Education References

Track 9 - CD Album #10 Lyrics and Vignettes
This features all 24 Hillman original lyrics off the #10 CD release, as well as behind-the scenes reminiscences about the writing, performing, and recording of these songs - in Canada, USA, and England. 

Track 10 -Strathclair: Prairie Town With a Past, Present & Future
When Bill was asked by Brandon University to contribute a chapter for the university reference text, The Geography of Manitoba: Its Land and People, he chose to research and prepare a tribute to hometown Strathclair. Most of the text from this contribution is contained here --along with references, photographs, maps, and aerial photos. 
Track 11 - Telecaster: A Personal Journal in Many Voices

This is a massive (many hundreds of pages) document juxtaposing the author's interests in family, music, nostalgia, education and life. 
Track 12 - Roots & Wings '96 - Song Lyrics & Video Doc. Script

This section documents, in part, a live performance and one-hour video tape prepared to honour the Strathclair Collegiate graduates of '96.
I taught High School in my hometown of Strathclair from 1965-1997.
The website I created for them in 1996 still resides at:

Track 13 - seaQuest '94 - Song Poem & Video Documentary Script
This section documents, in part, a live performance and one-hour video tape prepared to honour the Strathclair Collegiate graduates of '94. 
Track 14 - netsKool 101

This CyberLog contains the genesis of an evolving fascination with the integration of computer technologies into the English language arts classroom setting. Many of these ideas and procedures were later expanded into Bill's Masters Thesis. 
Track 15 - netsKool 222

This musty corner of the CyberPub contains a rather large sampling of practical teaching activities which I have found useful in the integration of computer & A\V technologies into English and geography classes. 
Track 16 - netsKool 333

Kick aside the RAMs, ROMs, Bits & Bytes, geeks, mouses (mice?), e-mail, URLs, GIFs, JPEGs, links, etc. cluttering the entrance and come on in. The emphasis in this edition of netsKool is upon practical multi tasking, webpage creation and Internet activities. 
Track 17 -Strathclair Community School Website or MTS net

This is a link to my former workplace - my hometown school where I taught from 1965-1997. I created this website for SCS in 1996. 
Track 18 - Hillman Year-End Newsletters

Actually these are Sue-On's annual Christmas messages -- an expose of the intrepid ramblings and daring exploits of the notorious clan Hillman throughout the last planetary revolution of the third rock from Sol. 
Track 19 - Latest Hillman CD/Tape Release

Bill & Sue-On Hillman - Vol. 12 - The Canada Sessions - 33 Songs from the Early Years... Pictures, Song Titles and order information for our 1997 release. Listen to some of the tracks in MP3.
Track 20 - Hillman Library: Edgar Rice Burroughs Bibliography

                          & Memorabilia List
The Hillman Library is crammed with a multitude of collectibles, ... and one corner is devoted to the display of books and memorabilia associated with one of the truly great American pioneers of science/ fantasy/ adventure/ and imaginative fiction ... an author who fired my imagination at a very early age: Edgar Rice Burroughs. The first page chronologically lists each of his works and describes the editions in our personal collection while the companion page is devoted to fanzines, magazines, art, comics, other Science Fiction and Fantasy authors, radio, TV, movies, AND many ERB links, etc. 
Track 21: Edgar Rice Burroughs Weekly Online Fanzines:

Motes & Quotes and ERBzin-e
Contents: The ERB realm embraces Classic SF & Adventure  and all 20th & 21st Century Media: ~ Pulp Fiction ~ Parody  ~ Toys &  Memorabilia ~ Cards ~ Fanzines ~ Dum-Dum ~ Comics: Books ~ Strips ~ Sunday Pages ~ Cartoons ~ BLBs ~ Movies ~ OT Radio Shows ~ TV ~ Recordings ~ SF & Fantasy Art ~ Computer & Internet Resources:  Websites ~ Chat ~ Lists ~ BBs ~ Games ~ CDs ~ DVDs ~ e-Texts ~ eZines ~ Fan Fiction ~ Novels ~ Short Stories ~ Poetry ~ Articles ~ Bibs & Bios ~ Personalities ~ Fandom ~ Contemporary & Legacy Writers, etc.
Instant Portal Entries to our Entire ERB Cosmos
A Detailed Navigator's Chart for Serious Travellers Through the ERB Cosmos

Track 22: Ratnaz Files Pulp Fiction Parody: The tribulations of an ERB-type pulp author in the electronic age transcribed by an unusual pair of idiots - Tangor & Bill Hillman

Track 23: Zane Grey
    A Chronological Bibliography of Editions in the Hillman Library
A contemporary of Edgar Rice Burroughs who is one of the all-time best-selling western adventure authors of the 20th Century. This page chronologically lists each of his works and describes the editions in the Hillman personal collection. 
Track 24: CBC Coleman & Company: A Script

       Network TV Biography Show Featuring The Hillmans -
The CBC crew followed us around for about three days and filmed us at work in school and restaurant, at home in Strathclair and Brandon, and at play during a performance at Riding Mountain National Park. The results were aired numerous times on the CBC National Network.

Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum: RCAFHMCS Prince Robert: Hillman WWII Scrapbook - RCNXII Dragoons - 26 RCA Museum
Our Military Memorial Tribute Sites and Hillman WWII Journals

Track 25: Brandon's Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum
 The CATP Museum is dedicated to the preservation of the history of the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan and serves as a unique memorial to those airmen who trained and served, and especially those who died, while serving their country in the air war of 1939-1945. This massive website features a virual tour with hundreds of photos of artifacts, the museum's official newsletter - CONTACT, a data base of over 600 WWII movies, slide presentations, a collection of aviation links, WWII Canadian propaganda posters, tribute and memorial sites, a gift shop, guest book, and WAR YEARS: MOTES & QUOTES -- a regularly updated collection of information gleaned from our readers and interesting sites on the web.

Track 26: Memorial Tribute to the Crew of Lancaster KB879
This site has been created to the memory of my uncle, F/L William G. Campbell. Included are photos from our family album, a photo diary of the memorial ceremonies at Sandon, England, Internet correspondence, newspaper stories, tributes from fellow fliers, log book excerpts, WWII links, Lancaster Bomber stats, letters, etc.

Track 27:Hillman WWII Photo Gallery: HMCS Prince Robert 1945
A tribute site dedicated to my father, Chief Petty Officer Robert Gerald Hillman who served on the RCN ship, the HMCS Prince Robert. Included are photos from his personal collection, archive photos, memories of the war years, history and specs of the ROBERT, 1945 Hong Kong experiences, and our Caught in the Net series.

Track 28: XII Manitoba Dragoons & 26 Field Rgt RCA Museum
Another in our series of Military Tribute Sites. Curator Ross Neale conducts a virtual tour of this unique museum housed in the Brandon Armoury which is next door to the original site of WWII's Manning Depot. Also included are a series of news clippings and tribute sites created in Holland.


Track 29: Wheat City Notes & News
This information website serving the Western Manitoba region features many agricultural resources: Bruce Cockrane's Farm-Scape scripts from Radio Station CKLQ, a Web Research Repository, news clippings, All About Hogs, the Pig Pun, etc.

Track 30: The City of Brandon is showcased with: Virtual Tour of Brandon, Links to other Brandon websites, Sue-On's Amazing Amtorian Gardens, CATP Air Museum, Dragoons & 26 RCA Museum, Brandon Mental Health Centre Museum, Scottish Piper and Army Veteran: Don Roy Narrative, a Photo Gallery of the Brandon Folk Music and Art Festival. The Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame


Each member of our clan has posted a pretty wide range of interests - please feel free to e-mail if we share similar interests.

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