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From John Babich,

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IPods and other portable .Mp3 players are fast becoming the way to listen to music and podcasting is a new way to listen to radio. There are basically two ways to download podcasts, manually and automatically. Subscribe to Blues Podcasts

At this time, because of licensing questions, podcasting is still feeling it's way into Internet culture. Expect independent artists to dominate podcasting until this is settled.

Groovy podcasting!


Cd's and Reviews

Carlos Santana

All That I Am

by David White

The tried and true formula is applied once again in Santana's latest release, All That I Am. Once again, rock meets pop, reaching multiple audiences in multiple genres, to the benefit (for the most part) of all involved.

Michelle Branch is back, this time with the first single from the album, "I'm Feeling You." The songs on her own albums should sound this good.

Something about performing with one of the all time greatest rock guitarists just brings out the best in some people. Mary J. Blige (with Outkast's Big Boi) shows more range on "My Man" than we knew she had. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler has never sounded any better than he does on "Just Feel Better."

A couple of the tracks seem glaringly out of place. Joss Stone and Sean Paul sound forced on "Cry Baby Cry," and it seems plausible that the only reason Santana's Arista label-mate, the not-quite-American Idol, Bo Bice appears ("Brown Skin Girl") is to promote his own album that comes out in December.

Those who long for the days of "Black Magic Woman" and "Oye Como Va," or who don't particularly care for today's brand of pop music, will not be particularly happy with this album. Those who appreciate how a masterful musician has successfully reinvented himself and continues to thrive after 35+ years will enjoy adding it to their collections.

Track List

1. Hermes
2. El Fuego
3. I'm Feeling You (Michelle Branch)
4. My Man (Big Boi & Mary J. Blige)
5. Just Feel Better (Steven Tyler)
6. I Am Somebody (
7. Con Santana
8. Twisted (Anthony Hamilton
9. Cry Baby Cry (Joss Stone & Sean Paul)
10. Brown Skin Girl (Bo Bice)
11. I Don't Want To Lose Your Love (Los Lonely Boys)
12. Trinity (Kirk Hammett & Robert Randolph)
13. Da Tu Amor


Smokin Joe Kubek & Bnois King

Show Me the Money

Show Me the Money is a worthy successor to Joe and Bnois' acclaimed Blind Pig debut, Roadhouse Research. Kubek's flame-throwing guitar work tempered by the finesse of King’s accompaniment and smooth vocals remain the bedrock of a powerful, irresistible combination. A rare blend of hot guitars and cool savvy, that does, indeed, smoke.


 Robert Randolph & the Family Band  "Unclassified"  ( has mp3 )

Robert Randolph is a virtuoso on the pedal steel guitar, and he has a first rate band to show off his talents.  Blending rock and roll with blues, funk, soul and gospel, this CD brings something fresh to the music scene using influences from a few decades before.  With a wide array of influences and styles, this album is a throw-back to the rock and roll of the 60's and 70's, when the focus was on the music.  Randolph is able to successfully blend rock and roll with hints of gospel, blues, funk and even soul.


Deborah Coleman "What About Love"

    Deborah Coleman, one of the most talented and prolific female blues artists of the last decade, makes her move to Telarc with the release of her new album, What About Love? Recorded in November 2003 at The Centre for Performing Arts in Unity, Maine, the album explores the ups and downs of matters of the heart—in a way that only a highly accomplished blues singer and songwriter like Coleman can do it.  



Blues Revue Magazine     

A must read ....basically the international authority on artists, reports on festivals, tours, CD's absolutely anything blues related you can think of in North America......full color glossy...... comes out 6 times a year and every second issue includes a CD Sampler compilation of singles from recently released albums.  They have a site or email at  or phone 1-800-258-7388 or 304 782-1971.

tLiving Blues Magazine

The publication is historically oriented, but very much up to date on the blues scene and artists.                                                                                                             

   or phone for Subscription Inquiries : 1(800) 390-3527


Nothing But the BLUES

Edited by Lawrence Cohn / Introduction by B.B. King

[ Cover Image ]"Nothing But the Blues is a gorgeous object, packed full of rare photographs and written by a virtual who's who of blues experts. " --Boston Globe

The story of America's most passionate and enduring music, told through fascinating narrative and vintage photographs.

It is our most passionate music, rooted in ancient Africa but brought to blossom in America at the doorstep of the twentieth century. It is a living heritage of song born in poverty, persecution, and hard labor, born of love and love betrayed, of holiness and sin, the pleasures and the pains of the flesh, the experience of tragedy, comedy, drunkenness, despair, desolation, and pure joy. It is the blues.

At root, the blues is rich in its simplicity, but it has flowered across the years in a variety of rare complexity. Perhaps no form of popular art is more immediately appealing than the blues, yet so rewards a thorough knowledge of its finer points. In eleven authoritative essays commissioned especially for the book, Nothing But the Blues traces the African-American origins of the music, its early development as popular entertainment, its early recorded manifestations, its regional differentiation (Mid-South, Tidewater-Piedmont, Chicago, Detroit, New York, Los Angeles), its many stylistic dimensions, and its contemporary manifestations. Country blues, urban blues, the evolution of rhythm and blues, rock 'n' roll, and the blues revival are all fully covered.

But the written history is only part of the story. Blues fans have always treasured rare photographs of their heroes, and Nothing But the Blues is gloriously illustrated with posed and candid shots of the musicians as well as photographs of such one-of-a-kind artifacts and documents as Leadbelly's NYPD rap sheet and classic recording contracts. Nothing But the Blues features an introduction by one of the genre's living legends, B. B. King, and a comprehensive "best of the best" discography, including current and rereleased recordings as well as the collectors' treasures to go after.

Blues is more popular than ever before. Not only are reissues of historical blues classics selling in unprecedented numbers, but a whole new crop of vital young blues artists is active in clubs and on record today. Nothing But the Blues is a lavishly illustrated comprehensive history of the music and the musicians, as well as the promoters, producers, and others who have shaped--and continue to shape--this powerful and enduringly popular American musical art form.

Blues historian Lawrence Cohn is the producer of a massive blues reissue project undertaken by Sony Music/Legacy Recordings. The premiere two-CD set in the series, featuring the music of blues giant Robert Johnson, not only earned Cohn a Grammy award, but has sold some half-million copies in the U.S. alone--an unprecedented number for a historical reissue.

John Lee Hooker - Boogie Man

By Charles Shaar Murray

Acclaimed writer Charles Shaar Murray's Boogie Man is the authorized and authoritative biography of an extraordinary musician. Murray was given unparalleled access to Hooker, and he lets the man from Clarksdale, Mississippi, tell his own story. "Everything you read on album covers is not true, and every album reads different," he told Murray. Murray helps Hooker set the record straight, disentangling the myths and legends from truths so rock-ribbed that we understand, as if for the first time, why they have provided the source for a lifetime of unforgettable sound.

Murray weaves together Hooker's life and music to reveal their indissoluble bonds. Yet Boogie Man is far more than merely an accomplished and brilliant biography of one man; it gives an account of an entire art form. Grounded in a time and place in American culture, the blues are universal, and in the hands of the greatest practitioners its power resides in the miracle of using despair to transcend it. "The preacher's mantle," Murray tells us, "passes to the bluesman." This bluesman traveled a hard road out of the American South, from obscurity to adulation and back-and back again. John Lee Hooker has seen it all and sung it all, and his music is both a living legacy and an American treasure. Here is the book that does him and his music full justice.

Blues Odyssey  

By Bill Wyman

In this evocative and intensely personal history of the blues, Bill Wyman pays tribute to the musicians who inspired him and whose music he took around the world as a member of the Rolling Stones. The starting point of Bill's Odyssey is the journey of African slaves to the plantations of America's Deep South. We follow their descendants as they walk, travel the highways, and ride the railroads out of the Delta and the troubled South via Memphis to the northern cities of Chicago and St Louis. But this is no superficial history: Bill Wyman's in-depth odyssey reveals a society where poverty and injustice as well as love and faith, found their expression in a musical style that gave birth to rock 'n' roll. Location shots of smoky juke joints, railroad stations, and endless highways combine with richly detailed maps to bring the Blues alive. Feature spreads with previously unpublished photographs from Bill Wyman's personal archive showcase 40 Blues legends from Robert Johnson to John Lee Hooker, telling the story of their fascinating and often troubled lives. Bill Wyman is a legend in his own right. He has known and played with many of the Blues legends, and his personal knowledge and unprecedented access give this book an authenticity that is almost impossible to match.

Dan Aykroyd, a.k.a Elwood Blues, talks with the greats of blues and rock

Elwood's Blues
Interviews with the Blues Legends & Stars

By Dan Aykroyd, Ben Manilla

Ray Charles * Ruth Brown * James Cotton * Buddy Guy * John Lee Hooker * B.B. King Taj Mahal * Charlie Musselwhite * Koko Taylor * Junior Wells * Aerosmith * Eddie Van Halen * Robert Plant * Carlos Santana * Bob Weir * Marcia Ball * Johnny Winter * John Mayall * Keb' Mo' * Susan Tedeschi * Shemekia Copeland * Blues Traveler * and more!

Born in the Delta 100 years ago, the music known as the blues has meandered through Mississippi juke joints and Chicago nightclubs, Texas roadhouses and Memphis studios, and on to concert halls worldwide and back again, each twist in the road producing a new permutation of this timeless music. Elwood's Blues is the story of the music makers along those roads, the artists who have created, re-envisioned, and remembered the blues.

The blues found its way onto The House of Blues Radio Hour in 1993, ushered in by host Dan Aykroyd and producer Ben Manilla. Every week, the award-winning radio program has brought in-depth artist profiles and the complete spectrum of blues music to millions of listeners across North America. Now--for the first time--these insightful, entertaining, and historical interviews have been compiled for you to study and enjoy--come along for a ride with the blues!

Elwood's Blues features:

A portion of the proceeds from Elwood's Blues goes to the nonprofit Blues Foundation,

"An absolutely essential addition to any blues library. The interviews are informative, enlightening, and plenty of fun to read. Highly recommended!"
--Robert Santelli, author, Big Book of Blues and The Best of the Blues

"What a great compilation--a perfect complement to the radio show and a historical database of unparalleled value."
--Bob Vorel, Publisher Emeritus, Blues Revue magazine

"No second-hand stories. No editorialized interpretations. Here are their own words--as pure and honest as the music they create."
--Gaye Adegbalola, solo artist and frontwoman for Saffire, the Uppity Blues Women

"More than a transcription of the radio show; it is guidebook for a journey through the blues." --Dave Benson, Program Director, KFOG-FM San Francisco

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